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Don’t mind losing the battle but win the war

Whether it’s personal or professional life, we always face competition and hence enemies too. We do ponder about how that enemy could be superior to us, his strengths and powers. Does it mean that we are going to lose the battle?

No! Chanakya never accepted defeat. However, he was practical. After all, he was an expert in a field wherein all were playing games with one or the other all the while—making strategies, plans and conspiracies.

Chanakya knew how to win over the enemy in the long run—if not immediately. He said, “He should seek shelter with one whose strength is superior to the strength of the enemy” (7.2.6)

The above sutra is a simple yet one of the excellent gems of management, and even in real life for that matter. When faced with an enemy who is stronger than you, the best situation is to have a stronger friend on your side.

Why does Chanakya say this?

Win with the wisdom your superior alliance gives rather than lose with your personal logic.


President APJ Abdul Kalam—the missile man of India—once said, “Only strength will respect strength.” We should be more powerful than the enemy by acquiring greater strength. If not, like Chanakya said, making friends with a much stronger ally would help in countering competition.


A stronger alliance has more experience in fighting wars. It can guide you and shelter you, even help you during calamities. When the alliance advances—the relevance of the same comes from the experience of similar situations.

Long term approach

One of the most important things to remember is to keep your ego in check during an ongoing battle. Do not think for even a second that you can win against an enemy by just sheer power. Think of the long term—lose your ego and ‘surrender’ to a person superior to your enemy so that you get the required help. After all, you can defeat the enemy only if you survive through the turmoil in the long run.

Battles may be lost—but we must win the war! Win with the wisdom your superior alliance gives rather than lose with your personal logic.

Remember the Amitabh Bachchan’s dialogue in the movie Sarkar? Taakat judne se aati hai tuotne se nahi. He meant exactly what you should remember always: Strength lies in making friends, not losing them.


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