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The spiritual side of working right

The head, or ‘boss’, in any organisation has an additional responsibility nowadays—to be an important part of the society.

After all, the modern businessman and his ilk provide employment, create revenue for the government and are socially-contributing entities. If the head of an organisation works with the right attitude, the king (leader) not only gets the benefit in this world but also in the next world.

Chanakya says, “Carrying out his own duty, the king, who protects the subjects according to law, leads to heaven; one who does not protect or who inflicts an unjust punishment, his condition would be reverse of this” (3.1.41)

Now, please remember that Chanakya did not literally mean heaven or hell. Both are states of mind. When you are happy and fulfilled, that mental state is heaven by itself. While, stress, tension, uncertainty is hell for any human being. So just how can we make our workplace a heaven?

We also need to understand the laws of nature. Enjoy life but never over-indulge. The balance needs to be maintained.

Carry out your own work well

The prime duty of a leader is to protect and take care of his subordinates. Instead of thinking about “my own gain or profit”, he has to think as “our gain or profit”. This is an attitude that no business school can teach. It comes with a sense of responsibility and commitment. Great leaders have strong shoulders and a big heart. As you practice this, you will realise the depth of the age-old statement: “Work is worship”.

Respect the laws of the land

In the course of your duty, follow the laws. The law of the government and its policies have to be carried out properly. No illegal work can give any personal satisfaction. It only makes you insecure. Remember, many organisations have ruined themselves by getting into illegitimate work. Pay your taxes, and be a company that also plays a role in social development. We also need to understand the laws of nature. Enjoy life but never over-indulge. The balance needs to be maintained.

Be just

As a leader, you are the law unto yourself. If there is a conflict, your subjects (employees) will come to you for seeking justice. At that time, your integrity can help resolve the issues in the just and right manner. Chanakya in his book Arthashastra, also said, “A king who is severe in punishment becomes a terror. The one who is too mild is taken for granted. However, the king just with a rod is honoured and respected.”

This art has to be developed. In the olden days, the king was considered God. In fact, there is an Indian adage: “Raja Pratyaksha devata” meaning a good king is God himself. Hence, all business leaders can create heaven or hell of their companies all by themselves!

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