Osho Quotes on Love, Life, and Happiness

Don’t worry, be happy: Osho’s enlightening quotes on love, life and happiness

Who comes to our rescue when struck by existential crisis and debilitating thoughts of sadness and misery? Osho, of course.

Everything in our lives might be going fine, and still, many of us may find ourselves spending our hours stuck in a rut, wondering the meaning of our existence. We may take all that is good and make it average by not counting it as a blessing. And some days turn out to be worse than others, right? On such days, one thing that comes to our rescue is the world-renowned spiritual leader Osho’s sayings on life. He has shared his evolved thoughts on a lot of subjects like love, life and happiness and one can find immense strength in his words. It feels even better when we manage to apply those quotes on happiness in our lives.

So, let’s explore some of Osho’s sayings on life that have the power to transform us.

Don’t try to understand life. Live it! Don’t try to understand love. Move into love. Then you will know – and all that knowing will come out of your experiencing. The more you know, the more you know that much remains to be known.

Don't try to understand life

The era we currently live in is one of hustle and stress, sometimes real and often imagined. We overthink things, multi-task and end up doing an average job of it all. We try to understand and analyse our relationships a little too much, giving ourselves no respite. Osho suggests something quite different; he asks us to quit trying to analyse our lives. Instead, he suggests we simply live and go with the flow. And when love happens, he asks us to be present for it, experience it in all its wonders. It has been seen since the beginning of time that true intelligence comes from knowing that we all have much to learn from life and that learning is never really complete.

A mature person has the integrity to stand alone.

Often in life, we come at a crossroads where we know we are right but are exploited or made to submit. It can happen anywhere – at the workplace, in a family setting or even on a strange land. Osho shares that a person who is evolved, has strength of character and can tell right from wrong, will not shy away from standing alone in such a situation. Fighting for what is right may come at a big cost sometimes, but a person of integrity and high morals will hold his or her ground, no matter how hard the winds blow. The resulting success will make all the struggle worth it.

If you are a parent, open doors to unknown directions to the child so he can explore. Don’t make him afraid of the unknown, give him support.

If you are a parent, open doors to unknown directions to the child so he can explore

A golden guideline when it comes to parenting right, Osho elaborates on how parents should neither be afraid nor transfer any kind of fear to their offsprings. Good parenting involves us supporting our children through all their endeavours without putting in them the fear of the unknown. It is only when we teach them to be fearless and intelligent in their pursuits, can we hope for them to succeed in life. And interestingly, as a consequence, we will find ourselves stronger for it.

Find ecstasy within yourself. It is not out there. It is in your innermost flowering. The one you are looking for is you.

Find ecstasy within yourself. It is not out there. It is in your innermost flowering

This quote is one for keeps. It is a call to action more than anything else to those who look for happiness outside of themselves. Osho believes that the purest form of happiness comes from within, it blooms like an inner flower and needs watering from us and no one else. Dependency on the world or material things for feeling joy is one of the most misleading concepts of the modern world. Osho urges to stop searching for contentment outside or in other people and instead, suggests we become more in tune with our inner selves.

Be less of a judge and you will be surprised that when you become a witness and you don’t judge yourself, you stop judging others too. And that makes you more human, more compassionate, more understanding.

Today, much of our daily routine is about engaging with social media—scrolling through photos, videos and reels of people we know or of celebrities we like. Everyone puts up their best selves on social media, a fact we know and still choose to be in denial about. We judge them for their choices and in turn, judge our own selves too, living in a cycle of misery. Osho asks us to become witnesses to our lives and not be judges of it. He suggests we simply experience our lives and that of others too—only then, we can arrive at a place that’s human and beautiful. Once we learn to appreciate people and their hard work instead of dissing them or ourselves, we understand compassion and humanity much better.

To me, life in its totality is good. And when you understand life in its totality, only then can you celebrate; otherwise not. Celebration means: whatsoever happens is irrelevant – I celebrate.

To me life in its totality is good

Often, people are heard lamenting about how little life has offered to them. They are constantly ruing their poor fortune and hoping for happiness to arrive with a bang. But Osho asks us to look at life as a whole—the good and bad together. When we see meaning in the healthy meals we get to eat, the jobs we flourish in or the families that supports us through thick or thin, we discover how celebratory life always has been. While big goals are a good incentive to keep moving forward, Osho suggests we learn to revel in all that happens to us, little by little everyday.

Discipline has its own beauty, it is not all slavery. And freedom has its own dangers and is not all beautiful. A real person is always capable of infinite discipline and infinite freedom – he is not a slave or an addict to anything.”

This quote is for all the people who feel stuck when in the realms of discipline. Such people speak of freedom as if it’s the highest ideal, not understanding the basics of it. Osho explains that both discipline and freedom are important—the rhythm of routine is just as important for progress as is the freedom of thinking and being. A human being who can utilise both to his benefit is on the path of progress. Most importantly, one who isn’t dependent on either and can apply both in a balance will neither be a slave or an addict, both harmful personas to adorn.


Who is Osho and why is he famous?

Osho is a world-renowned spiritual leader. His sayings on life and teachings have made him famous.

What are some of the themes that Osho talks about?

Osho talks about a lot of things that effect humans. These include his sayings on love, life and happiness.

Can I apply quotes by Osho in my daily life?

Yes, sayings of Osho, especially those on how to live life freely and with abundant love and happiness, can be applied to one’s daily life with great success.




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