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Can numbers do the trick for you?

Numerology, often referred to as a pseudoscience, is the study of numbers and their connection with life events. Many believe that numerology can reveal a great deal about the characteristics and personality of a person. According to one theory, famous mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras is known to have said that all human traits and events in this world can be expressed through numbers. That being said, a lot about numerology still remains unexplained.

To explore and find out more, Soulveda spoke with Bengaluru-based numerologist Sheelaa M Bajaj.

Excerpts from the interview:

Did numerology originate in a particular culture?

No, it did not. People often think numerology is derived from Hinduism. This isn’t true. There are different systems of numerology. For instance, Pythagorean and Chaldean among others. There is an Indian system of numerology too, but it isn’t derived from Hinduism. In fact, the Indian system of numerology isn’t very accurate by itself. It considers numbers from one to nine corresponding to the first nine letters of the English alphabet. Not much can be derived from it. In numerology, we refer to the Hindu planets like Raahu, Ketu and Mangal but numerology doesn’t come from the Hindu faith. In fact, the planets in the Indian system are the same as those in the western system of numerology and zodiac.

How does numerology affect one’s life?

The sound of every alphabet is connected to a certain vibration. Every vibration activates a specific planet which is connected to a specific number. Through numerology, we change the resonating vibrations by changing the spelling of a person’s name. This activates the planets that would bring luck, success and happiness to the person.

There are several examples of lives changing, post a small numerological change. For instance, taking some of the cases I worked with, someone who was once working for a meagre salary, now owns multiple businesses. Another person who did not have a job for a while got his name changed and within 15 days he had a job. As you might know, numerology is often applied to names of movies, celebrities and even television shows and they have done well after.

We often hear about birth numbers and life path numbers. Can you tell us what they are and how they influence our lives?

Birth number and life path number are two important sets of numbers in numerology. Birth number is either the first digit or the sum of the first two digits of your birth date. For instance, if you’re born on the 7th, you are number seven; if you’re born on the 11th, you are number 2. On the other hand, life path number is the sum of all the digits of your birth date. For example, if you are born on 11-02-1992, your life path number would be 7.

These numbers reveal a lot about a person’s energy, personality and habits. Apart from these numbers, other planets also rule your name. Sometimes there might be two planets or five planets that rule your name. These planets along with the planets from your life path number contribute to your personality, fortune and success. Sometimes, you could have a really strong birth number or life path number, but the planets ruling your name could be making things bad for you. This is where a numerologist comes in. While you can calculate your birth number and life path number, only a numerologist can help fix your name.

People ruled by numbers 4, 7 and 8 normally struggle a lot. Their hard work doesn’t yield fruitful results and their peers get ahead of them.

Can you elaborate on the characteristics associated with every number?

Number 1: They are born leaders. They get recognition and fame. They are headstrong, assertive, bold, outspoken and honest. Known to be happy and chirpy people.

Number 2: They tend to be dominated or dominate when given authority. They have altered moods of elation and depression. They tend to be confused, gloomy, sensitive, emotional, indecisive and intuitive.

Number 3: They go out of their way to help others with no expectations. They are soft-hearted, though they might seem tough on the exterior. They are intelligent, hardworking, diligent and honest.

Number 4: They tend to get caught in everyone’s problems. They are often misunderstood and taken for granted. They are gentle, loving, helpful and soft. They are very cerebral and good communicators.

Number 5: These people are boss material. They don’t like to be micromanaged or nitpicked and can be annoyingly dominating. They have luck on their side in risky situations. They are individualistic, headstrong, bossy and good problem solvers.

Number 6: All-in-all very lucky people. They attract money, glamour, attention and love. They are meant for the glamour industry. They are charming, loving and have an attractive personality.

Number 7: They have difficulty to find success in their careers. They get misunderstood very easily. They can be creative, intuitive and they have a spiritual bent of mind.

Number 8: Their luck is similar to number 4. They are let down at the last moment. In some cases number 8 can be extremely powerful but they can also get to rock bottom easily.

Number 9: Born fighters, they are givers and seekers of knowledge. They undergo a lot of struggle–not like 4, 7, 8, but number 9 has their share of hardships in life. They should channelise their energy into doing something for the larger good.

What are some important numbers in numerology?

Number 6 is ruled by Venus which is associated with success, happiness and wealth. It is all about good life. Number 1 is ruled by sun–another numerological planet. Number 3 and number 5 are ruled by positive planets. These two greatly help your career. People ruled by numbers 4, 7 and 8 normally struggle a lot. Their hard work doesn’t yield fruitful results and their peers get ahead of them.

In what situations do you recommend numerology to your clients?

I recommend numerology when things are going wrong in a person’s life and it occurs in a repeated pattern. For instance, when a person is going through heartache after heartache, incurring losses or being cheated or betrayed consecutively. Numerology is for situations when two and two just don’t add up.

How soon can people see a change in their situation after using numerology?

It depends from person to person. For some it may take just a few days, for others it might take around six months. However, if someone is skeptical, they may not see any change for even a year.

  • Sheelaa M Bajaj is a Bengaluru-based celebrity numerologist, tarot reader and Feng Shui master among other things. She has trained under various masters from around the world, and teaches master-level courses in esoteric sciences. In addition to being a holistic healer and spiritual teacher, she is also the author of The Love Mirage.


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