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The alchemy of colours maintains the balance

The soothing green grass, the serene orange sun, the comforting brown mud, the calming blue sky and the crackling yellow leaves–colours elicit a myriad of reactions in humans. Well, they don’t just soothe, there’s more.

The ancient Greeks and Egyptians believed in the healing properties of various colours. Today, colour therapy has become an alternative healing method. It is said that the seven main colours resonate with the seven chakras of the body, affecting the physical, psychological and spiritual health of every human being and form the base of the art of colour therapy.

In an interesting conversation with Soulveda, colour therapist Alison Standish talks about the unique art of reading colours and how they affect us.

How do colours contribute to wellbeing and happiness?

In countries like the UK, when the sun shines yellow and blue skies are above, people feel better in general and there is a positive vibe around them.

Colour is basically light divided into different frequencies. When refracted against objects, each colour has its own unique frequency. We react differently to each of these frequencies. The warm end of the spectrum is red, orange and yellow, which give us the feeling of joy, creativity and energy. Red stimulates us and increases blood pressure. Yellow affects the mind and helps us concentrate. Green is the colour of nature and helps us breathe and expand our lungs. Blue cools us, calms us down and lowers our blood pressure. Indigo and purple help us meditate and sleep.

All colours together give our bodies the ability to be balanced. This harmony leads to happiness.

Would you say colour therapy has spiritual significance?

Colour therapy corresponds to the chakras in the body system–energy points that allow us to filter information through our electromagnetic fields into our body and out again. Each colour represents a chakra and has an effect on our senses, mind, body and spirit.

We only have to look at traditions in various cultures to know that colour has an impact on our spiritual being. We see its vivid presence in all religions. The blue of Vishnu, the preserver, signifies that blue is excellent for healing and protecting. In Christianity, there is a great deal of purple and gold–two colours that connect our crown to the source of all. I believe that colour is a tool that brings us closer to the Divine, as it is pure energy.

I love colour and all its amazing qualities. It is free and everywhere.

On your website, it says that colours can help enhance relationships. How’s that?

We work with a tool that combines numerology with colour, where the date of birth reveals the colour one emits. What is fascinating is the accuracy of this information. The day, month and the year–all have an impact on our journey. We use this information to help people understand who they really are.

Colour has its own language which can bring positivity to all your relationships. Once you plot your colours, it is amazing what opens up.

What tools and techniques are used for diagnosis?

We use techniques from therapists like Theo Gimbel and Dinesh Spectro-Chrome. We also use lamps from Bioptron and coloured glasses from Innovative Eyewear in Germany.

How can colours help ward off common illnesses like cough and cold?

I use orange to heal common cold. It is a warm colour but not quite as hot as red. It is great for clearing mucus and sinuses. We suggest wearing the colour–wrapping yourself in an orange blanket and drinking plenty of warm water with honey and lemon from an orange glass.

Were you always a colour therapist? What are the hazards of your profession?

The only hazard is that people might not take you seriously. Although, that is changing now. I used to work in the corporate world and now I am happily working in the business world with such a fantastic tool.

How did you discover colour therapy? At what age?

I was 37 when I took a course in colour therapy. Prior to which, I was involved in the print industry. Canon UK was my biggest customer. I worked with the sales team to help them understand the new technologies of converting screen information onto paper, and how colour worked with this technology.

It was then that I decided to learn about healing energies like Reiki and other complimentary treatments. Colour therapy was the most powerful for me.

Do you feel happier post this discovery? Spiritually where do you find yourself?

I love colour and all its amazing qualities. It is free and everywhere. Once I understood the basic tools of colour therapy, I knew I wanted to expand further. I believe the world is ready to rediscover its love for colour.

I would not want my life any other way. I have freedom, both spiritually and emotionally. I have learnt so much through this medium that sharing it is a pleasure.

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    Alison Standish is the owner and founder of The Colour Ministry, a UK-based company created to develop the techniques of Colour Therapy, along with training courses, workshops and colour evenings. As a colour therapist, Alison offers treatments and readings to her clients about how colour can support wellbeing and how it affects our environment.


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