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7 things about friendship

"Seeing everyone as our friend is one of the most important characteristics of a balanced life." - Sister Swathi

Everyone loves having a good friend in life, someone they can depend on. Listed below are examples of the rapport good friends share. If we can apply all these great qualities we express towards our best friend to everyone in the world, be a friend or an enemy, we will make rapid spiritual progress.

We can remind ourselves that if I can be supportive, non-judgmental etc towards one person, it shows that I have that quality in me and I can exhibit that towards everyone else as well. It just requires a shift in our understanding.

Seeing everyone as our friend is one of the most important characteristics of a balanced life. When we extend these qualities to even those who have wronged us, we not only empower ourselves spiritually but possibly guide the other person on the path of self-transformation. And this, is the need of the hour.

A true friend knows us inside out and is not judgmental.

Friends are happy for each other

A true friend is always happy when we succeed, and encourages us to do our best without any tinge of jealousy or competition.

Friends are patient

Impatience is a sign that we have not conquered our anger. In this fast-paced world, there is seldom any room for patience. However, friends exhibit this one quality where everyone else fails. They see us through thick and thin.

Friendship crosses all barriers

Our best buddy can be from a different religion, culture, or faith but we can be friends for life when the right cord strikes.

Friends are non-judgemental

A little slip and we get raised eyebrows. However, a true friend knows us inside out and is not judgemental.

Friends are supportive

Sometimes we lack self-confidence when it comes to decision-making, or are a target of criticism may be at work. True friends jump in and are supportive of us and see us through the situation.

Friendship is synonymous with happiness and self-esteem

Some of those attesting to being happy and having high self-esteem have attributed that to having a good friend or friends in their life.

God, our best friend

Just imagine what it would be like if we could make God, the highest power, our true friend. Once we establish a connection and call upon Him during our need, we will get answers to our questions, the strength to deal with situations much faster than a physical friend. And when we progress on our spiritual path, we will always feel His presence and support. We will not feel the need to celebrate friendship only on Friendship day, but every day will be a celebration with Him.

By Sister Swathi




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