Energy is the key to success

Being energetic is the key to success

Thought leader Radhakrishan Pillai talks about the leadership qualities that a person can develop in order to be successful.

The first requirement for any work in life is being optimistic with a positive mindset. And if you mix this with the right amount of dynamism, aka energy, you’re set for success.

Why else do you think all the ‘motivational speakers’ are so well-received globally? It’s their workshops that make a person who is feeling low in life all charged up again.

Chanakya brings out similar qualities in the Arthashastra as well: “Bravery, resentment, quickness and dexterity—these are the qualities of energy.” (6.1.5).

In one line, Chanakya tells us how, in addition to enthusiasm, energy is important too. He has gone into great detail to make us understand what energy means in the above verse.

These points are also leadership qualities that should be developed by any person who aspires to be successful not only in the corporate world but also in life in totality:


Literally speaking, bravery is ‘facing something frightening or unpleasant in a courageous way’. A brave person is ready to face life’s unpleasant events with a strong heart and a tremendous willpower to carry on.

He is ready to fight and win challenges enroute towards his goal. This is also the most important quality of a Kshatriya—the warrior described by all Indian scriptures as well as the Arthashastra too.


Resentment means anger, hatred and, yes, even bitterness. Now, this may sound negative. However, understand that being a little bit unsatisfied with our current status can prod us into achieving the bigger things in life.

So, be angry with yourself for thinking small. Hate the low mental and vulgar values that we entertain. Be bitter about the comfort zone we get into.

Push yourself to the next level. This ‘positive’ negativity adds spice to life.


Time is an important commodity for success. A person who aspires to be successful needs to be quick and fast in taking decisions.

When a leader was once asked how to develop the quality of quick decision-making, he answered, “Be around persons who are not afraid of making mistakes.” So, move on in life as fast as you can.


Here, it means the ability to adapt and go on. It’s best defined by the famous saying: When the going gets tough—the tough gets going. We all start on a journey, but only a few adapt to and overcome problems.

Swami Chinmayananda said, “There are three kinds of people: First, those who do not start work because of the fear of obstacles. Second, those who start but stop when they face obstacles. And, third, those who work inspite of obstacles and overcome it!”

Now you decide which class you want to belong to.

Dr Radhakrishnan Pillai is an Indian management thinker, author, and Founder of Atma Darshan and Chanakya Aanvikshiki. Dr Pillai has extensively researched Kautilya’s Arthashastra, the 3rd century BC treatise and incorporated it into modern management.




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