Understanding the Law of Karma: Benefits and Insights

Benefits of knowing the law of karma

In ignorance, we have done many things against the universal laws of creation – especially the Law of Karma.

Suppose a person from India goes abroad for the first time and rents a car over there. He then parks his rented car on the wrong side of the road. He will be charged a fine because parking laws may be different in India and the country visited. He cannot simply say I didn’t know, I am ignorant. It should have been his responsibility if driving, to find out the laws of the new country but he didn’t take enough care.

In ignorance, we have done many things against the universal laws of creation – especially the Law of Karma. We did not have the complete knowledge of what are good and bad karmas, what are the right and the wrong karmas; what different types of effects different karmas would have on me, others and nature. But we cannot just say I didn’t know. It was our responsibility to know.

If we look at the state of the world now, there may be a few sparks of light or spiritual enlightenment but, generally, there is a great amount of darkness. That gives us an indication of the sorts of karmas, the vast majority of us have been performing, due to ignorance, to have produced the situations or circumstances in the world.

The complete knowledge of the karmic process, which we learn when we are introduced to spirituality, helps us:

To reduce the burden of the past
Remove any type of suffering or sorrow in our present life
Change our future as well as that of the world, to make it better and more positive
Experience a positive return from our spiritual efforts
Understand all the why’s, how’s, what’s and when’s which surround our life.

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