Can God accept you with all your faults and failings? – Sadhu Vaswani

Turn to him with all your faults and failings

The real longing is that in which you lose yourself in the love of the Lord, you become nothing. You are ego-less.

One day I was in a village. I went to take bath at the local pond. On my way back, I felt a deep yearning for the Lord. “Shyam, how do I meet you?” My heart cried out. A small voice whispered: “If you want to meet the Lord, then meet the ones who have immersed themselves in the love of Lord.” On the way back I met a Fakir, tuning Ek Tara. His eyes were bright and illuminated. I fell at his feet. The ‘fakir’ asked: “Child, what do you want?”

I was unable to answer. I faltered with the words. “Sai” was all I can say. The more I gazed into his luminous eyes, the less I wanted to speak. The Fakir requested: “Child ask. What do you want?”

Encouraged, I said: “I have a longing for the Lord. Show me the path.”

The Fakir replied. “If you want to meet the Lord, go the way of the moth. Learn to dip your soul in the spiritual colours.”

“How to do that?” I humbly asked the Fakir. “The moth has an intense yearning for the light. Its yearning does not end till it burns itself in the flame. The real longing is that in which you lose yourself in the love of the Lord, you become nothing. You are ego-less.”

I share with him the agony of my heart. “I have this longing within me. But when I introspect and look within, I find I am full of flaws. The same heart yearns and the same heart harbours evil. I scold myself – how will God accept me? How can I be accepted at the door of Heaven?”

The Fakir gazes into my eyes. He gives me a divine look and says, “you are a child of God. Why do you go to the temple? In the temple, you sing the holy words. What do our scriptures say – there is one sentence in Gurbani: Tum mata pita, hum balak tere (Thou art our Father & our Mother). That is true. You are a child. God is your father and your mother.”

He then draws a parallel between God and mother. He added:

“A child yearns to be with his mother. He is full of dirt and filth. But the moment he sees his mother, he wants to run and embrace her. The mother first wants to cleanse the child and then hug it to her heart. But the child is impatient. He is in a hurry to clasp his mother. God is like our mother. He wants to clean and bathe his children before hugging them to his bosom. But we children are not willing to wait. We yearn to run and play in the mother’s lap. We want our mother. We cry, we wail for the mother unaware of the filth we carry. The mother too cannot bear the child’s cries. She hugs the child, and embraces him. If our longing is true, then even though we are filled with evil; even though we have committed sins, God will hear our plaintive cries and embrace us. He will say: Come my child. Come and play in my lap, for I love you and he will clasp you to his heart.”




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