taking things lightly

Don’t take things lightly

To grow spiritually, one must value time, make efforts, and be good to others.

In the Gita, God said to Arjun: “You do not know about your own births, but I know. You are the one who comes into the cycle of death and birth, and so you do not know about your births. I know about all your births, because I am beyond birth and death.”

Only the one who does not come into this cycle can know about everyone’s births. One who takes births comes down, and so, as he continues to take births, he forgets.

The Father says: “I don’t come in the cycle, so I don’t forget. I have knowledge of everyone. Only one who has knowledge of the whole cycle can explain that knowledge. One will give what one has. And so I’m called the Ocean of Knowledge, Ocean of Peace and Ocean of Happiness. I come and show the way of peace and happiness, so I am praised.”

All these things must be understood. The Father tells us–don’t be careless. Today, the entire world is in carelessness. We were also careless before. It isn’t that we have come from above; we also belong to this world. But now, having received the light of knowledge from the Father, we have understood the things accurately, When the Father is telling us accurate things, we should pay attention. Despite listening and understanding, if we are still careless, it is like being a great fool. One should not become that. The Father says: “Children, understand all these things and continue to increase your efforts.”

Time is now little, and even of that little time, little is left. As a great many days have passed, so the lifespan continues to reduce. Even in devotion, it is said: “Look how foolish the human is–he thinks he is growing but doesn’t understand that as he grows, his life becomes shorter.” The Father explains to the children that as time is passing by, the time remaining is less. So do not think that there is more time left. The days are fleeting past so one must be cautious. Check yourself before destruction, at least we should prepare something for the future. We should also see: Am I ready? If I were to breathe my last now, have I earned something? Do I have accumulated stock of spiritual earnings? One should take care of one’s spiritual stock. One must understand that if one leaves his body now, he will again take birth, and take the knowledge again i.e. begin from the scratch. The Father says: “Whatever you want to take from me, take it now–take it in this very birth.”

One must also realise that if one were to die now and take birth again, it will take him at least 15-16 years to be able to listen to this godly knowledge and understand it well. Even if one acquires knowledge in childhood, it will take time to imbibe it and to become complete and perfect. How will one find so much of time? One has to work hard for this. One needs time to be perfect and complete even after receiving knowledge. Is it that one gets ready in a day? We have the burden of sins of many births on our head; we need time to clear that. One who does good receives a good return. The Father says: “This is your last birth in which you have to take this divine knowledge so you have to be careful that if you leave the body before destruction, you have enough stock.” If I leave this world, can I claim the complete birthright from the Father? The time to claim this is now. Make efforts, pay good attention, and claim your rights. We are awake now, whilst people in the world are asleep, so we shouldn’t be careless like them. Those who are awake, have their eyes open. Those who have their third eye open, those who have received the light of knowledge, have to be very careful and cautious. One must understand these aspects, make good efforts, and receive good fruit.

So, all that one needs to do is to get the knowledge of good and bad. Those who do good will get good. Therefore, following the elevated advice of God Shiva, one must purify oneself: remove all the evils and do good. People speak of purifying water so that they mightn’t be afflicted by diseases. There, they purify the water; here we have to purify the soul. We catch diseases from impure things–so people in the world give purified water. Today, they have so many machines; they labour so hard to purify water. The Father says, the soul also needs to be purified. If it is dirty, it cannot go back to its soul world along with God Father Shiva. Which is the machine to purify the soul? Knowledge and yoga. In the world, people have to spend so much money to purify water. We are getting purified without any expenses; and we get everything purified in heaven. The elements, water, earth, air, everything will be pure and in perfect order. Make efforts with complete understanding. Many times when we get something easily, or cheap, we do not value it. The Father is giving us such a great and elevated knowledge very easily; so we must value it. We must ask ourselves, ‘Am I moving along in this spiritual journey in a slack, lazy, careless manner? We should stop lethargy. This is for our own benefit. It is easy to make efforts if we realise that the one who is giving us this knowledge and teaching Rajyoga is the Supreme Father.

Can a father make his children labour hard? Different saints or gurus showed us a very difficult and hard path to attain God but none of those practices helped us connect with the Supreme. The Father says: “Though they have done something in the name of God, they also turned devotees away from me, saying God is omnipresent. Still, I will give them the short term fruit of their efforts. But here I give the fruit directly, and for the long term. Moreover, accurate liberation and salvation are received through me only. For this, you have to burn your sins completely by putting your utmost efforts. Receive power from me and burn sins completely, only then can you claim the inheritance of liberation and salvation. I have to come to give the knowledge and yoga which you need for this purpose.”

Mateshwari Jagdamba Saraswati


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