recognition for men in organisation

Honour men with great qualities

What are the qualities that should be recognised and honoured in every organisation? Radhakrishnan Pillai answers.

A sharp person knows how to differentiate between ordinary men and great men. And if a leader can successfully inculcate this quality, he can easily become successful in all walks of life. Just like a jeweller, one should have the knack of identifying ‘rare’ gems from ordinary stones.

According to Chanakya, the greatest resource are human beings. In fact, they are the source of all great achievements–all of which are performed by men who have great qualities.

And it’s these qualities that have to be recognised and honoured. Chanakya, while defining these qualities, had said: “Men are to be honoured on account of excellence in learning, intellect, valour, noble birth and deeds.” (3.20.23)

In other words, men of each type have to be honoured in any organisation. Let us look at each one separately:

Men of learning 

Men of learning are the most respected people in every society. Other than academic and scholarly learning, this description also relates to men having the wisdom of experience. In India especially, we have always held men of learning in very high esteem. A sociologist had once said, “A society that does not respect men of learning is bound to collapse.”


The brave. The fighters. They have that extra quality in them to go on, in spite of the problems. They are even ready to face death if required. Such people are called as Kshatriyas–such people are the soldiers and guards who protect us. As the armies say, “We keep awake in the nights so that all of you can sleep peacefully.”

Noble path 

Persons born in noble families are automatically respected. Now this is not being caste-based or racist. However, we find that certain qualities run in the genes. A family background also shapes up the quality of a person in a big way.


Finally your actions speak louder than your words. What you achieve will automatically command respect. Therefore, men who have done great and noble deeds need to be respected too.

When you identify such persons, you can associate with them and learn from them. You will then find that the benefits you get will only be in an upward curve.

This applies in a great manner even to the field of business. JRD Tata has been crowned with this quality of identifying ‘quality men’. He made them a part of his team, and the Tatas succeeded beyond generations.


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