Human brotherhood

Human brotherhood

When all human beings are descendants of the same progenitors, no one is superior or inferior. The relation between one man and another ought not to be one of hatred, but of love.

According to Islam, all human beings have been created by one and the same God, and for this reason belong to one great brotherhood. So far as their earthly origin is concerned, they are all descendants of the first pair of human beings ever created by God-Adam and Eve. In their subsequent spread over different parts of the world, variations in geographical conditions produced a diversity of skin colourings, languages and other racial characteristics.

The teaching of Islam in this regard is that despite differences of colour, language, etc., people should harbour no ill will towards those who are apparently unlike themselves, for differentiating between one man and another is not approved by God. They should rather promote fellow feeling towards others, even if at first glance they appear like total strangers to them. Bearing in mind that they are all traceable back to Adam and Eve, they should be each other’s well-wishers and willingly come to one another’s assistance, like members of the same large family.

Ideally, the relation between one man and another ought not to be one of strangeness, but one of familiarity; not of distance but of nearness; not of hatred but of love. When all human beings are descendants of the same progenitors, which means that all are equal: no one is superior or inferior. The distinction between great and small is not between one human being and another, but between God and men. And before God, certainly, all human beings are equal; all are equally His creatures and His servants. For God does not discriminate between one and the other of His creations.

Jesus Christ gave a moral injunction in these words: ‘Love your enemy’. Where there is love, everything is in harmony, and where there is hate, all that is good remains in jeopardy. The fact is that difference is part of nature. It has rightly been said: ‘Nature abhors uniformity.’ This being so, it is but natural that differences will arise between individuals and groups. Then what is the solution? Love is the only answer. By nature, everyone is your friend. The only difference is that some are your actual friends while others are your potential friends. So try to turn this potential into actuality. This is the best formula for universal brotherhood.




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