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Inner peace and inner power

In order to attain the fruit of these wishes, it is first necessary to know that the key to progression and regression is the mind.

Peace is a state of quietude, tranquillity and spiritual contentment; it is freedom from disturbance, agitation, anxiety etc. Everybody wishes today that their country should progress, it should be safe from the enemies, and that there should be constant peace and happiness. In order to attain the fruit of these wishes, it is first necessary to know that the key to progression and regression is the mind.

Become master of the mind

If our mind is peaceful and content, the world appears to be peaceful. In order to attain peaceful disposition, first of all, one has to become the master of one’s mind for which one needs to follow the directions of the supreme soul. By the constant connection with and remembrance of God, the original powers of the soul are reactivated and mind and intellect are in harmony. If the mind is healthy and it obeys the orders of the intellect, then the body will also be healthy and all the tensions or weaknesses of the mind will disappear.

Determination and concentration

One of the first steps to achieve peace is to develop the power of concentration. Concentration is to focus and steady the mind to obey your orders. This sounds like an easy plan but the power of courage and determination is difficult to attain. This is where the ‘determined thought’ to become peaceful is important. By combining spirituality and authority, a person will develop both ‘controlling and ruling power’ through accurate ‘judgmental power’. With this determination, there will always be success. Determination is the key to success. This is not the best method; this is the only method.

Greed for power

There was a time when the entire world was a place of peace, purity and prosperity. Now we witness chaos and confusion, stress and strain, disunity and discord everywhere. A brother is fighting against his brother for wealth and one religion is at war with the other. History shows that the majority of wars in the world have been fought for religion. Greed for power has made politics a gamble for the throne. Today, the seat of secular power is nothing short of a throne of thorns. Mental tension has become the mother of all diseases as well as untimely death and insolvency. On the other hand, industry has created problems that have led to lockouts, strikes and unemployment. Law courts cannot cope with piles of lawsuits. Science has provided many facilities for man, but political misbehaviour has turned science into a big genie ready to destroy the very comforts that it has created. Bombs have been stockpiled to annihilate the very abode of man. Who has now been left to give peace except God Himself?

The bestower of peace

Who can establish peace in the troubled world of today? This has engaged the attention of everyone. In almost every part of the world, peace and religious conferences are being held. Many schemes have been launched to remove the cause of disquiet. Learned pundits deliver long speeches and accuse each other for disruption. But, self-centred people cannot bring peace to the tormented world. The supreme soul, who has an inexhaustible treasure of peace, knowledge, bliss and love, can alone bestow real peace. It is important now for each one to examine themselves and remove all the bitterness and hatred rather than to look for blame in others. If there is going to be world transformation, then there must first be self- transformation.

Peace and purity of the soul

The establishment of peace is neither a dream nor a magical phenomenon. The creator with the powers of divine knowledge gets all the souls liberated from the hold of vices that have made them miserable and disquiet. Due to the vices, the body that a soul wears like an apparel has become old and dirty, and the supreme soul acts as a ‘laundryman’ to remove their dirt through austerity. The soul was originally completely vice-less like pure gold, but with the passage of time got impure due to vices, and is leading a life of sin. The master removes the impurity and restores the soul to its original state of purity. The tranquil stage inculcates the innate powers to act with contentment, discrimination, conciseness and all-round perfection. Vitamins increase the bodily strength, but, what are the vitamins for the soul? It needs the power of peace and purity for its progress. A baby lion herded together with lambs would behave like a lamb, but a contact with a lion would remind the cub of its original nature and activity. Similarly, a soul lost in vices and body-consciousness needs just a reminder “I am the child of the supreme soul, the ocean of peace and happiness, and this is sometimes enough to change our attitudes and activity and to experience the divine attributes and powers.

Peace is a natural quality of the soul

The soul possesses three powers or faculties — mind, intellect and sanskars or the subconscious. The natural habitat of the soul is peaceful silence, solitude and quietude. Deep within us is peace. The basic qualities and attributes of the soul are peace and silence.

Free the soul from distractions

When a soul is beyond the attraction of sound and away from the influence of the elements, the soul is very powerful. It has all the original powers and innate virtues. Once the soul is under the influence of the body, some of its intuitive powers are then attenuated and it becomes weak and follows the dictates of the senses and body-consciousness. Peace of the mind is disturbed by the vices — anger, greed, ego, lust and attachment. To regain your peace, you have to overcome the five vices.

Mind over matter

Peace is a sovereign power. This problematic world is full of prejudices and disturbances. Various kinds of spiritual, scientific and tantric forces are working to set them right. But, knowledge, virtues and power are the requisite forces. The prevailing times witness a lot of information, knowledge and learning, but there is a lack of virtuous living and spirituality. Everybody realises the power of wealth yet the society has not gained virtues.

Spiritual power is the key to inner peace

To claim the power of peace, embrace the fundamental principle of spirituality. Look inwards in order to look outward with courage, purpose and meaning. Examine your thoughts, feelings and motives, carefully and honestly avoid wasteful and negative thoughts especially gossip which spreads disquiet as well as anger. Today everybody believes that the other person is at fault and is the cause of all problems. It is always the other person. No one wants to change but advises others to change. To initiate peace in our lives and in the world, it is important to realise that we should set the date for self-transformation to live in peace and harmony; the world will set its date for transformation immediately. Peace and happiness begins with me.




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