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Inner wisdom and intuition

The first step to developing and believing in your inner wisdom is to be willing to be open to the possibility that it is there.

One of the most important relationships you’ll ever have is with your own inner self. By connecting with that wise being that dwells within you, you tap into your full power, energy and insight. You learn to access your higher self, move beyond rational thought and create with clarity.

Your inner wisdom is innate and always present. When you learn to listen to your inner guidance, you’ll find that it is much easier to create positive changes in your life. It simply takes a willingness to slow down, move beyond your conscious mind and connect to your inner guidance.

Inner wisdom means knowing the fact that you can trust your strong instinct. It means knowing which creative project to work on and which to park for the time being.

The truth is that you do have inner wisdom. You just need to learn how to access it and, then, how to trust it. If this seems ludicrous to you, then, the first step to developing and believing in your inner wisdom is to be willing to be open to the possibility that it is there.

Some thoughts can feel graspy, heavy or tense, while others can feel more expansive, light and open. When you’re angry, frustrated or depressed, you feel your thoughts in a certain way. When you’re happy, enthusiastic or curious, your thoughts will have a different flavour. I’m sure you’ve experienced a whole range of moods in your life; so, you should be able to recognize this.

The challenging thing with intuition is that it comes with a thought. But, if you’re not sensitive to the flavour of intuition, it will simply feel like any other thought, which you can easily ignore, dismiss or rationalize it to get rid of it.

In the same sense, when you think rationally it is felt in a particular way, while intuitive thoughts will also have a flavour of their own. This inner knowing from deep within us gets translated somewhere into words, and, then, we have a thought that fits the impulse.

Intuition comes from a space of stillness and silence, beyond the usual chatter of the mind, and, then, emerges into our awareness.

An effective way to get in touch with your higher self and inner wisdom is through a regular and routine practice of Rajyoga mediation. Through a simple daily practice, you’ll learn to quiet your personality, create space and be open to your intuitive mind. You’ll experience consciously connecting your whole mind and personal energy. And you’ll begin to recognize your higher guidance in all of its forms – thoughts, emotions, impressions, words and images. When you quiet your mind, you get out of your noisy head and enter into your heart. Your heart knows the flavour and language of intuition.

In the process of meditation and quietening your mind, you’re moving closer to the source of your intuition. You’re building a personal relationship with stillness. Rajyoga meditation has great impact at reducing stress and anxiety, lowering blood pressure and helping insomnia.

Underlying it all, connecting to your intuition is really connecting to your heart and the flow of life.




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