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Living life through the eyes of a virtue metre

Living a virtuous life can shape our destiny not only in this life but also the next, says Swathi Prasad.

Some of us recognise the current age as Sangamyug (confluence age) and for most it is Kali yug (iron age). Sangamyug is the time of confluence between Kaliyug and Satyayug (golden age). Satyayug as we know is the era of pure deities and Kali yug is dominated by human beings displaying vices. In this period of transition, have we ever stopped to ask ourselves what is it that makes deities as deities, i.e. how are they different from us?

Deities are also human beings, but the difference is they are divine human beings full of virtues.  How would you react if you were told that you are a deity from the golden age and that this is the crucial time to “make hay while the sun shines” as the saying goes! That is, this is the time to transform ourselves from sinful human beings to divine human beings. Living a virtuous life will bring us one step closer to this goal. Virtues such as honesty, patience, kindness etc. are qualities we have on an individual level that could be formed by religion and our belief system whereas values such as cleanliness, respect etc. are more of cultural norms.

So how do we develop these virtues? At the end of the day, on the screen of our mind, if we watch a movie of our activities throughout the day, we may see that we have gone through a roller coaster of emotions. What’s important here is to bounce back and we do that by looking at all those activities through a virtue metre. Once we realise that the cause of my pain was my selfishness, we turn to God with the understanding that our Supreme Father is here and now and always ready to help us develop whatever virtue it is that we are missing from our life. As soon as we catch ourselves being impatient, jealous, intolerant etc. i.e. exhibiting lack of goodness, we reach out to God. “My Dear Almighty Father, you are an ocean of virtues. In this situation, I acted out of jealousy. Help me see this situation in a broader perspective so I may come out of my limited sphere and do justice to the situation”. As we start developing a 20/20 virtue vision, it will help develop values in our life which are also important.

So, this is the time when we polish ourselves spiritually to get that coveted birth in Satyug. How we live our life now will determine our destiny not only in this life but also birth after birth. So there is a lot at stake. It is only in this life that we earn an income and reap the rewards in our future births.

Living our life through the eyes of a virtue metre can bring several gifts in life.

Swathi Prasad




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