The Importance of Tapasya and Yagna in Life

Making Life Fruitful

By embracing tapasya and yagna we can live a fruitful life.

Two things we must do if we are to respond to ‘Reality’ and live the life of the free man. The two things are, tapasya andyagna.

Search and practise tapas. Search opens the inner centre and tapas the energy of the Infinite which flowing out makes one strong to struggle and suffer and not surrender until the quest is achieved. Within thee is the secret of the Immortals.

To tapasya. add yagna. The Eternal is the Yagneswara, the Lord of Sacrifice. Offer your sacrifice and be blessed. agna is not the rite external;Yagna is what you offer to the Lord. But what can we offer? you ask. Ah! you dream of doing big things, yet the Lord accepts a flower, a leaf, any little thing offered Him with devotion! I ask you not to run after greatness, but to try to be a little useful to your community, your society, your country; a little thought of help, a little sympathy, a little act of kindness, a little deed of love—such theyagna asked of you by the Yagneswara.

Responding to the Life of the Universe with tapasyaand yagna, you will receive from the All-Giver the power to achieve; your life will then be fruitful.




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