The Secret of Success: A Lesson on Vengeance

No vengeance

“Think well before taking revenge, for you too shall suffer the vengeance of others.”

The owner of a transport business once found himself in a weak and vulnerable position because, for technical reasons, he had once had one of his vehicles registered in the name of another person several years before, and that person still held its license. The holder decided one fine day that he would take possession of the vehicle himself, and that its real owner would have to make do with a paltry sum of money in exchange. The owner naturally felt that the most dreadful injustice was being done to him and greatly incensed, he was determined to have his revenge. Night and day he lived in frenzy, thinking of ways and means to eliminate his enemy. Truly he wished to crush him like an insect.

For six long months, he lived in this state of morbid preoccupation, losing all interest in his home and his business, and becoming, finally, like the ghost of his former self. Then, one day, he had an experience that changed the course of his life. As he was pacing up and down one of the streets of the town where he lived, lost in black vengeful fantasies, he heard the unmistakable sounds of someone making a speech before a large gathering. Curious, and for once drawn out of himself, he approached the gathering of people and began to listen to the speaker. He was suddenly struck by what he was saying: “Think well before taking revenge, for you too shall suffer the vengeance of others.” It was as if a shaft of bright light had suddenly penetrated his mind and with each example that the speaker gave to drive home his point, he felt himself turn into a new person. He decided there and then to give up his negative way of thinking, in fact, to forget the whole sorry episode, and to devote his time and energy to his family and his business. The full realization had come to him that it was on himself that he had inflicted suffering and not on his enemy and that it was best to leave such matters to God. In beginning to think in this way, he found that, bit by bit, he was once again able to approach things in a constructive way, and it was not long before he became more successful than he had ever been. In pursuing positive ends he had also attained peace of mind, and that, for him, had been the most important thing of all.

Source: The Secret of Success




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