pervaded the entire Universe

Relevance of Ancient Indian Scriptures: Jagat, the constant movement

Sri M states, "The word jagat or the universe comes from the root, jagatyaam which means that which moves."

Now, please understand, I chant the Sanskrit verse because of its beauty. Being chanted in the language called Sanskrit does not mean that it is identified with any narrow sect or creed called Hinduism. It is an ancient language. Great works have been written in it. Just because something is written in Sanskrit, it is no ground to dismiss it as Hindu or this or that.

So, the meaning of this verse is, that supreme reality, that supreme consciousness, that ultimate reality or the truth pervades everything here and now. Idam sarvam meaning here, not hereafter or before but here, which means right now. This means there is no time when this Supreme Isha has not pervaded the entire Universe.

Yatkincha jagatyaam means it pervades everything that moves and, therefore, is called jagat. The word jagat or the universe comes from the root, jagatyaam which means that which moves. Now, this is a physical truth too.

There is nothing that does not move—the planets move around the sun; entire galaxies move; the electrons move around the neutrons; the water in the river move, night moves away to give rise to day. ‘This’ changes into ‘that’, ‘what was’ becomes ‘what is’ and then ‘what is to be’.

Look at everything and you will see that there is nothing that does not move. Everything moves. What we normally call dead matter, examine it carefully with a microscope, and you will see it moving and moving and moving inside.

Innumerable living beings live, for instance, in a clod of earth that appears to us to be motionless. And, apart from that, if you go deeper, even a stone or a rock that appears to us to be dead, at inertia, is full of movement because inside their atoms the electrons move. The molecules of all the living things move, living or non-living. Chemical reactions are movements of the molecules.

That Supreme Reality pervades everything that moves, everything that is here.

So, this constant motion or movement is what defines the world and, therefore, it’s called jagat—that which moves, jagatyaam jagat. Now, psychologically, it reflects the movement of thought. It reflects the movement of the mind, which from the time we are conscious till we fall unconscious in death or in deep sleep, keeps moving constantly.

Hope is also a movement. I am this and I will hopefully become that tomorrow. Now this “I am here, and I have to reach there” is psychological movement. Movement of thought which is unceasing, endless. Therefore, that is the internal world, the internal jagat.

The Rishi says: That Supreme Reality pervades everything that moves, everything that is here. And, then comes another beautiful statement: ‘tena tyaktena bhunjita’ – meaning ‘therefore, let go and rejoice’. Why? ‘Ma grdhah kasyasvid dhanam’, meaningafter all, who does the world belong to’?

Does it belong to you? Or does it belong to me? No, it belongs to all. We merely utilise it. There is no owner for this earth; we don’t own the earth.




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