Secret to loving marital relationships

Secret to loving marital relationships

When there is complete understanding, respect and affection, all marriages become ‘love-marriages’ in the true sense of the word.

I have always believed that life is a school, and experience is our greatest teacher. We enter into various relationships and each one of these is meant to teach us vital truths for our own spiritual evolution. Marriage teaches us mutual respect, mutual love, understanding, tolerance, and a sense of responsibility. Marriage disciplines us, as we learn to be selfless and put others first. Ultimately, love changes us for the better.

Some time ago I was talking to a group of college teachers. They pointed out to me that school teachers are expected to undergo special training, even acquire a special degree or diploma before they begin to teach. Without a D.Ed (Diploma in Education) or a B. Ed (Bachelor of Education) no school will hire you. College/university teachers on the other hand require no such special qualifications. Fresh out of their M. Phil or Ph. D they can walk into a B.A. or M.A. class and just hold forth to their students.

A learned man I know once expressed the opinion that men and women too, should be required to undergo special training before they are allowed to enter marriage and parenthood. They should be emotionally, psychologically and spiritually educated to make their marriages meaningful and enlightened.

Human relationships flounder when mutual respect is lacking. Marriages fail when companionship and understanding are absent in the partners. Therefore, I urge husbands to respect their wives, and wives to respect their husbands. Children should respect parents and parents should respect their children’s individuality and independence. Give one another the freedom to be themselves, to express themselves, and assert their unique identity! When there is complete understanding, respect and affection, all marriages become ‘love-marriages’ in the true sense of the word.

But don’t wait for the other to begin the process. Don’t sit back and say, “How wonderful it would be if my wife grew in the spirit of understanding!” or “I wish my husband would cultivate the spirit of forgiveness!” Instead, begin with yourself! After all, if you don’t change yourself, you can’t expect to change the rest of the world!




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