Discovering Spiritual Purpose: A Lifelong Quest

Spirituality fulfilled

There are various pathways to discover and nurture one's spiritual purpose. It's about the journey of living by meaningful values rather than reaching a specific destination.

The purpose of spirituality is to establish a set of values, principles and beliefs, which could give meaning to your life, and to guide the decisions and actions you take. Most people learn a vocation to make money, and then assess their success on the basis of achievements in their field. Spirituality is not linked with worldly achievements, but rather about becoming your best self as you move through the life. You can find your higher purpose in life through many pathways, including meditation and prayer, personal reflection and practising spirituality. Seeking a spiritual purpose is its own reward. It includes behaving in a gracious and compassionate manner and striving toward self-actualization. They also take the time to savour life and flourish in areas such as personal relationships, self esteem and findingmeaning in life. If you find yourself searching for spiritual purpose, you can travel at many pathways. But the first step to find your higher purpose in life is to understand what it is, that you seek. While a variety of methods can help you find your higher purpose, it is typically a lifelong quest. It may change as you evolve as a person, or when confronted by events or a crisis. Often, a quest for increased spirituality begins with questions such as:  What does it mean to be a good person?  What is the purpose and meaning of my life?  How can I connect with others in a better manner?  Do things happen for a reason?  What’s the best way for me to live? Another important step is determining where you are on your journey towards spiritual purpose. This requires asking yourself some honest questions about how you feel under certain situations in life such as: Who gives you comfort during times of sorrow?  Who or what do you turn to when looking for hope?  Do you find that you tolerate the beliefs and viewpoints of others? Which values and beliefs guide your decisions? Not only art, music, meditation, yoga or prayer are some of the ways to transcend immediate surroundings, but also keeping a journal and writing down your thoughts every day for 10 minutes or so, is helpful. Some people also find solace and a sense of belonging by surrounding themselves with those who take an interest in spiritual issues in a church, mosque or synagogue. These methods can help you get closer to finding your spiritual purpose. Also, it’s important to realize that spiritual purpose is about living on the basis of a set of values that make your journey throughout the life better, it’s not about the ultimate destination. As my journey began with Raj yoga meditation, I achieved enriching and unbelievable benefits and received enormous profits every day by its simple practice. It comes through personal experience of every individual. It is not only spiritually fulfilling but also enhancing your inner capabilities and making you absorb all the positivity at every moment of life.




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