Take the reins of emotions with “meditation”

External motivation can provide a temporary boost in enthusiasm but often fades quickly. True emotional balance can be achieved through meditation and positive, restrained thoughts.

It is often seen that whenever we are discouraged, we feel powerless, and then we wish there should be someone who can bring us out of this situation and fill us with enthusiasm as before. If someone inspires us, it seems as if someone has infused a new life force in us and we start thinking of transforming ourselves overnight. As it has often been seen that its effect lasts only for a day or two and the train of life comes back on the same track again and this happens again and again and sometimes for a lifetime. This is called extrinsic motivation which proves to be effective only for a very short time. One thing is very clear that we are all human beings, as a result of which we also have feelings; naturally sometimes we will be happy, full of energy and enthusiasm and sometimes we will be surrounded by sadness and despair. It is a natural process. It shouldn’t make much difference to us. Yes, the problem becomes bigger when either of us gets into the deep sea of emotion like looking happy even where there is no such thing as happiness or feeling sad even in happy occasions. If this sadness and despair persists for a long time, then it is given the name of depression. That is why it is said – too “At isarvatra varjayet” much of anything is not good because later it can cause some other serious problem. So we should check the feelings whether they are good or bad as “neutral” as Mahatma Vidura Ji told King Dhritarashtra in the Udyog Parva of Mahabharata under the Vidura niti. Emotions are directly related to our thoughts and the more restrained and positive the thoughts are, the calmer we will be. This method of channelizing thoughts is “Meditation”.




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