The fragrance of Gandhi's life

The fragrance of Gandhi’s life

"Gandhi saw God's image in the sinner - an image of Divine Love. He forgot everything except the needs of his brothers and sisters. His brothers and sisters were all." - Sadhu TL Vaswani

I speak of Gandhi in love and reverence. Over and over again, have I felt, when speaking of the great souled Gandhi that I sit at the feet of a gracious world figure.

The word “Gandhi” is a significant word. Its radical meaning is “fragrant”. Gandhi’s memory is fragrant. His life was fragrant. What was the secret of the fragrance of Gandhi? You call him Mahatma Gandhi. He was a Mahatma, a great soul. But there is one word which to me is dearer even than the word, “Mahatma”. I love to think of Gandhi as a brother—Brother Gandhi. A brother was he—a brother, a burden-bearer of the millions of this ancient land.

On one occasion, Gandhi spoke the words which I cannot easily forget. Gandhi said: “I would rather be torn to pieces than disown my brothers and sisters!” He saw an image of God in every one, in the drunkard, in the gambler, in those who went astray. Gandhi saw God’s image in the sinner—an image of Divine love. He forgot everything except the needs of his brothers and sisters. His brothers and sisters were all.

To him, India was not a country apart, but a part of humanity. On one occasion, Gandhi spoke the following significant words. He said: “My idea of nationalism is that my country may become free and, if need be, the whole of my country may die if only the human race may live”. To Gandhi, India was a part of humanity. Gandhi was filled through with Gita’s ideal of loksangraha. “Sangraha” means “welfare;” “loka” means “the world,” humanity. The welfare of humanity, Gandhi sought: the welfare of humanity is what Gandhi worked for. The concept Gandhi never forgot. On one occasion Gandhi said: “I am wedded to India because I believe that India has a mission for the world.” Himself a servant of all, he wanted India to be a servant of humanity.




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