power of love

The magnanimity of love

To use the limitless power of love, start with the self.

The word, ‘Love’ has been used so much that often its power is diluted. We use it as the right thing to say in a speech or the right weapon to use when you want someone to submit to us. Perhaps the real power in the word is that love is so large. Which might lead us to a question, ‘Why do I play so small?’ Love is large and it has the capacity to remove any limitation of race, creed, religion, or language.

The question then is, ‘When we speak of love, do we return to the awareness of a sacred soul contract, first beginning with the self, then to God, and then funneling out to others?’ If we cannot love and accept ourselves by means of sacred acceptance, will it ever be possible to love God and others from the depth of our own beings, where love resides? Love is so large; it is sacred. It holds no limits. It flows. It cannot and will never choose one over another. I have made it my life’s mission to “love everyone the same;” a challenge that has riveted my every being. I have done so because I clearly realise that in achieving that, I will become deeply aware of the beautiful power of love. It will be more than just a word, but an awareness through which I can truly please God and myself.

“Love is so large; it is sacred. It holds no limits. It flows. It cannot and will never choose one over another.”

One must ask the question at least once in his/her lifetime, “What pleases God the most?” What do you think He would say? I think He would say, ‘What pleases me the most is when I see all of my children from above living life large; that is, living life with love.’ Through all the scriptures, prophets, transformational thinkers, seekers, pundits, and scholars of the world, we are constantly being taught or reminded, we are here to love. So, why can’t we seem to utilize this great force and please God? What do you think is getting in our way? If we look at life like nature, as a cycle of events beginning from being full of love to becoming empty of love, embarking on a natural journey back to love would be our step next. Wouldn’t pleasing God at this time, when much of love is lost, be our primary goal?

Recent tragedies throughout the world are reminding us how truly precious and vulnerable human life is. In a second, we may leave the people we love so much, or they may leave us, wishing we could only love them again, and better. For this holiday season, I invite you to amplify the power and importance of love in your life. I invite you to put aside any differences you might have with another. Or, perhaps there is someone whose purpose you have taken for granted; this is the perfect time to call them to say, “You matter, thanks for being in my story.”

You matter, and today, choose love.

Sister Jenna

The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (BKWSU) is an international non-governmental organisation, which intends to help individuals re-discover and strengthen their inherent worth by encouraging and facilitating a process of spiritual awakening.




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