Transform Challenges with Positive Thinking: The Power Within

The power to transform situations

Positive thinking can transform negative situations and help us develop a more positive attitude towards life's challenges.

Very often while going through our life journey, we come across different types of surprising scenes which leave permanent scars on our memories and are difficult to erase even after many years have passed. What makes these different types of negative episodes so difficult to overcome? Also, why do they have so much power in them that they can influence our consciousness so much that life is not the same again, after they have passed? What makes forgetting negative scenes so demanding for many and not so much for others? Why is it that the power to face a negative situation is less in some and much more in some others? Take an example of an accident. Sometimes suddenly in a plane crash, a few hundred people lose their lives and leave behind a few thousand people who are close to them, either friends or relatives in sorrow. But some are able to overcome their sorrow after a few days, some take months and some years. So, it’s a completely different set of responses. Each person has their own response, based on different factors. We all experience different situations almost every day. Life is not without twists and turns and as time passes, relationships become more and more complex. Also, nature of people around us also becomes more and more different from ours. Even work at the workplace becomes more and more challenging and competitive and many different physical and mental illnesses are also on the rise. These are some of the common spheres of life where almost everyone in the world is facing problems. Even the human mind today is not as simple and content as it was around 50 years back. Weaknesses like anger, greed, attachment, ego, jealousy, hatred and low self-esteem have made people extremely complex which further increase the magnitude of the problems in their life. So how do we face them with ease? We all look to the world and its different situations with a positive attitude and no one wants to be negative in their approach in facing them. Yet when they come, we are not able to transform them with ease and at times situations can be so powerful that many days can be spent in finding ways in overcoming them. Life can become a struggle for many. Such a life in which you are not at peace in the presence of a negative situation is not something you like but at the same time, it is something which is not in the control of many people. What that means is that a mind without positivity finds it difficult to remain calm and that means feeling a lack of power and also a lack of joy and contentment. Such a mind is not able to solve the problem that is in front and instead will be confused and will fear the situation.

A beautiful way of keeping the mind positive in a negative situation is to keep a powerful thought diary. What that means is create one affirmation or positive statement each day and note it down in your mind and keep that positive thought in your mind the whole day. Let it touch your sub-conscious mind so deeply that its effect travels in the form of positive energy outwards to the situation and is able to change it in a short period of time. If you spend a complete day in one particular powerful thought of success, repeating it in your mind many times, you will not only be free of negativity, but also have the authority to erase the negative situation completely from your life. Such a thought gives rise to positive feelings and then slowly our attitude towards the situation becomes completely positive resulting in a positive destiny or positive situation in return. Looking at situations through the spectacles of a positive vision means having positive perceptions towards negative situations. So, looking at situations with a brave face and not being in awe of the situation is a way of bringing to an end the problem as early as possible. Whereas being in awe of the situation and letting it affect your mind negatively means the problem gets prolonged further and does not go away very easily. So, the choice is in our hands. But as some would say this is theory and theory is easy to preach and understand but when it comes to the real test papers of life, we forget this basic truth of life. We tend to easily get caught in the web of negativity which is always there and it gets created because of the habit of perceiving situations negatively. It is worth realizing that when a powerful consciousness acts on a negative situation on an energy level, it is an interaction between positive and negative forces? The greater our positive consciousness or the power of the positive force, the faster the negative scene which is the negative force, transforms into a positive one. The positive force is the energy of the mind and the negative force is a situation which is of the physical world, either of our physical body, of our wealth, of our relationships or of our role. In all the cases, it is the non-physical force of our consciousness which is stronger than the physical one because the mind is subtle and possesses greater power than anything physical. The mind can influence matter more than the other way round i.e., matter influencing the mind. A positive thought diary can help you in raising the power of your mind. Keep one positive thought with you everyday even if negative situations do not exist in your life. Over a period of time you will enjoy a greater success rate in transforming negative situations of all types when they arise.




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