The traveller

The traveller

“Each traveller writes his own story. The choices are always ours. Fate is designed by our own hands,” says Sheila William.

The traveller is you, the soul, the diamond spark, the jewel between the eyes. The desires and needs of the body distract the mind. Accumulation of material things hides the path. Excess of personal property leads one to live in fear of robbers and thieves. The wise man holds on to what is permanent. You, the soul, are the traveller. The journey will happen automatically. The choice of how you travel is yours. Consciousness is everything. If you lose the truth that you are a soul, the journey will be long and difficult with extra weight and unnecessary baggage. Remember who you are and travel light.

To walk the highest path, the wise traveller carries little. Among his possessions is discernment. He sees clearly, let goes of this and chooses that. This is called intellect. Every act performed is etched on the soul like a printer’s block. Every thought becomes a word, then an action and this creates character. The wise man has the power to choose his character by the actions he performs. This gives birth to his destiny. The wise traveller walks alone, and his only companion is truth. The path may run alongside another for a while, a journey shared, but the only permanent companion through time is truth.

Like it or not, we stand alone, so we might as well like it. Solitude is never empty or lonely. Once the journey has begun, the right direction brings light. The one who journeys in the dark is beset by enemies. Remain watchful. You are the eternal soul; once you understand, it brings freedom, finishes the fear of dying.

Each traveller writes his own story. The choices are always ours. Fate is designed by our own hands. Change your consciousness, know yourself. You are the jewel between your eyes. Minds travel faster than light without leaving home. The sage travels outside of time, and is careful of his destination. Avyakt is an ancient word which means not manifest, the incorporeal, the eternal light. Stay in this consciousness in deepest silence and connect yourself with the source. Just for a moment, just where you are, let your thoughts slip into silence, let them be still.

All the things of the world continue, seed, birth, growth and death. Everything returns to its beginnings, unchanging, eternal stillness. To see this, wisdom frees the mind and brings understanding of the true self. You transcend, the body dies, but the soul continues. The wise traveller walks carefully, harms nothing. He plants flowers where he walks, gives more than he takes. He accumulates good karma for the future following his truth. It is time that holds justice and justice happens according to time.

The traveller walks his journey with care, keeps his temper sweet, his vision pure, his behaviour honourable, for everything brings its own reward. The journey is through time itself, birth to death and birth again, never ending journey. Like the earth, which runs in a cycle, always turning, never ending, the cycle of time. This is the time when you can become like a diamond; the path you must travel is the path of remembrance. The wise traveller chooses carefully, considers power over the self as wisdom; power over others as force. The first power is to focus, the next is to remain unshakeable and tolerate everything. Accommodate all differences. Tricks and illusions are everywhere. Hence, one needs the power to discriminate with accurate judgement, find the diamond among the counterfeit.

Never let your desire influence the decision. There are obstacles on the road, so the power needed at such a moment is to face everything with courage, co-operation, and also attempt to know when to withdraw with no blame. This is wisdom. Unlock the door of your mind and open it wide. Don’t you realise that one has been given the map, the door to the future is open, and the treasure store stands unlocked before every watchful and alert seeker?

By Sheila William

The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (BKWSU) is an international non-governmental organisation, which intends to help individuals re-discover and strengthen their inherent worth by encouraging and facilitating a process of spiritual awakening.


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