The value of generosity

The value of generosity

Only in giving, one gets filled up, for giving is getting.

There are many things in the lap of nature that rejoice only in giving. It is in their very gene and they are only born to give. The trees never eat the fruits they bear; the rivers never drink the water they carry while flowing down to the ocean. The sun gives heat and light for the preparation of foods for the whole mass of beings upon the earth. The moon gives light and coolness. The stars twinkle and decorate the sky in the night for our abundance of joy and delight. All things in nature are not meant for themselves but for others’ sake. It is their essential nature to serve others and in doing this they fulfill themselves and get the unlimited pleasures of being the instrument of selfless service to the countless creatures sustained under the fostering, sheltering and caring umbrella of the unique grace of the incorporeal God Shiva.

While other beings do all according to their original nature, only the human beings now have forsaken their primordial nature of giving ever to others. In the fag-end of Kaliyuga, everything in the world is going down in depletion and deterioration in the state of their entropy. So, at present, the human beings are working against their essential nature as they have fallen from the highest stage of purity, perfection, and bliss in Satyuga to the lowest stage of impurity, imperfection and beggary in the fag-end of Kaliyuga. Beggar always asks for something from others and never hope to give anything to others in their fallen state.

Only in giving, one gets filled up, for giving is getting. It is for us to give first whatever we have to others without waiting for anyone to give or do something to and for us. We are the royal children of ever giving God, the Bestower. Whether anyone gives or not, let us makes sure that we have to give, because it is our inborn nature to give.

The devotees always give the Save Our Souls (SOS) calls at their house tops, “O Ishtadev, fulfill our long-cherished wishes.” It is high time for us, the children of God, to hear the disgusted calls of the devotees. But once upon a time, the human beings in their deity-hood were “made in the image of God” who gave ever and expected never at all. Incorporeal God Father Shiva is the Bestower of all qualities, values, virtues and divine powers; He is the Benevolent One and is called the Redeemer, Liberator, Guide and is worshipped as Ashutosh and Bholanath who gets easily satisfied and fulfills others’ wishes instantly without waiting.

He also wishes his spiritual children—souls—to go on giving without thinking of getting anything in return. It is He who fulfils our wishes. We have got everything from God Father and ever become fulfilled. Only those who are fulfilled can ever give to others. Giving is taking (“Dena hi Lena”). In the transitional phase of the Eternal World  Drama (EWD), the role that we play is to get everything from God Father and to fulfill the begging-bowls of so many depressed seekers who try to seek God here and there but have, unfortunately, never ever found Him yet.

At the time of their helplessness, we have to show our inward generosity and lead their path to God through the service of our spiritual knowledge and Rajayoga—the only technique to link one to Him. The art of Rajayoga enables us to be the giver as our Supreme Father because this skill or efficiency makes us efficient in giving without expecting anything in return; we give for the sake of giving; and in this giving God gives us all.




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