new opportunity for success

There is no end to opportunities

"There is just one thing one needs to do and that is to give proof of one's wisdom by continuing to struggle without giving in to disappointment." - Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

The sun was setting in the west behind the mountains. One half of the sun sank behind the mountain’s peak while the other half remained visible above it. After a few minutes, the sun had set behind the mountain range.

Now darkness started to spread everywhere. The sun had withdrawn its light slowly, and it now looked as if the entire surroundings would be enveloped in darkness. But, simultaneously, another light appeared on the opposite side of the sky. It was the moon of the 12th night, which had started to shine after the sun had disappeared. After some time the moon was at its brightest. A new light now pervaded the surroundings after the disappearance of the sunlight.

This is a sign of nature, I thought. When one opportunity ends, at the same time another opportunity arises. After the setting of the sun, the world had been brightened again by the light of the moon. This is how opportunity never ceases to arise, both for individuals and for nations. If anyone goes through bad times, even then there is no question of being disappointed in this world of God. By availing of new opportunities, one can pull through once again. There is just one thing one needs to do and that is to give proof of one’s wisdom by continuing to struggle without giving in to disappointment. God has created this world with remarkable possibilities. Here, when an endeavour appears to fall into the oblivion of failure, a new light shines out from the darkness. When a house falls, it leaves the space for another house to be constructed in its place. The same is true of human life. Here, with every failure, there arises a new possibility of success. In the competition of two nations, if one nation becomes developed and the other is left behind, the matter does not end there. Subsequently, a new process begins to take shape where the people of developed nations adopt a lavish lifestyle and enjoy luxurious facilities, whereas the people of underdeveloped nations develop a passion for hard work and struggle.

This means that in this world of God there is no question of being overtaken by disappointment and depression. No matter how unpromising the circumstances may appear to be, there will always be a new opportunity for success close by. One has to avail of this new opportunity in order to convert defeat into success.


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