Riches and my Crown!”

True riches

"I have thoughts and aspirations, tears and trials, and these are richer than kingdoms and coronets." - Sadhu TL Vaswani

And this day someone said: “Boka! Say! Have you the honours of the Earth?” And I answered: “I have the First and only Fair!”

And another asked: “Halt thou a castle, a title, an exalted office, a following among the sons of men?” And I answered: “I have thoughts and aspirations, tears and trials, and these are richer than kingdoms and coronets.”

Yet a third one asked: “What possessions would you have?” And I answered “Elimination: I ask for no other summing up of my life but: ‘He tried to eliminate himself!’ This be my aspiration—to go through the process of elimination, elimination of sheath after sheath of my consciousness until naught remains but the naught, the void wherein shineth the Limitless Light!

And a fourth one asked: ‘What is your most precious prayer to the Lord? And I said: ‘O Thou! The purest Light! Be Thou the only joy of my life!”

And a fifth one asked: “Tell me, what is the way to God!” And I answered: “As the sands on the sea-shore, as the stars in the skies, or the flowers in the fair valley of Kashmir, are the ways to God: they are innumerable: and each man must follow his way: all the ways lead God-ward: all the paths are His. For me, for many years, the way has been to be myself, to sit in silence, to be alone with God, to be sanctified, to be Krishna-Christ absorbed, and in daily thoughts and daily work to live in the Light of God!”

Yet a sixth one asked: “Is there a prayer you pray each night before you go to bed?” And I answered: “Krishna-Christ! Take my heart and put yours in its place! So help me, the guardian-angel of my soul!”

“And how,” asked a seventh, “do you meditate on the Lord?” And I said: “As a beautiful jewel in the casket of the heart: and again and again, I open the casket, in secret, and look at my jewel and am ravished by its beauty! In this ravishment are my Riches and my Crown!”


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