What a leader should not do: Be careless and indifferent

"Without a vision, greed slowly creeps in - separation and split of an organisation begin to take place." - Radhakrishnan Pillai

Continuing from where we left off.

In the last nine articles, we saw the reasons which bring dissatisfaction to employees. To keep an employee happy or unhappy is purely in the hands of the leader. With this, we come to the last two points which a leader should avoid doing to become an ideal one.

Chanakya continues, “By the negligence and indolence of the king and because of the destruction of well-being, (through these causes) decline, greed and disaffection are produced in the subjects.” (7.5.19-26)

A leader should never be careless. Even a small issue should not go unnoticed. Secondly, a person’s prosperity and wellbeing should never be disturbed. If this is not followed, the downfall of the organisation begins.

The primary reason for this is lethargy. Without a vision, greed slowly creeps in—separation and split of an organisation begin to take place.

Throughout these series, the one message is “BE ALERT”. Keep watch over others and also over yourself. Some tips on being alert:

Be in touch with the last man

The challenge for any government is to check if the last man in the last village is happy. Till that is achieved a leader’s work is not complete. At times, we find that what is reported is only the success of a few people. As a leader, never go by these reports. Be on the ground yourself.  Regularly track what even a peon or a driver feels. Talk with them; understand what keeps them going or makes them frustrated. Take corrective steps.

Take time out without a reason

In the corporate world, most of the work is done based on agendas, results, and targets. It’s important to open up your mind. It gives a fresh outlook to the organisation. There should be at least a small part of your day when you do nothing! The space that gets created in your mind will give a new insight into the work one does. With that insight go and apply new techniques.

Keep a watch

Keep a watch over people. Keep a watch on what is happening in the industry. Keep a watch on changes in the surroundings and your society. All things in the world are interconnected. A small change is some other place will affect you soon, in some way or the other. Therefore, keep yourself updated and informed in all matters.

In this ten-part series, we dealt with 21 points that a leader should avoid doing. A reader had written to me, “Sir, it is very difficult to follow as I can’t remember so many points.”

Well, one does not have to remember all. If you practice even one of these, the remaining will follow. They are interconnected. Just start—that is the only way to be sure if these techniques work.

Good luck on the journey to discover the leader in you.




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