Life is light

What is life

"Life is light - the light of love. Kindle it in your hearts. Spread it around you. And you will be a painter of rare power and insight." - Sadhu TL Vaswani.

“What is Life?” asked a brother. And he was in the midst of a group.

An old man answered, “Life! No better than froth and bubble. His dreams of youth had been dashed to the ground.”

Quick came a young man’s answer, “Life is a dance.” But all the dance of excitement ends in exhaustion, in emptiness.

A young college man quoting Shelley said, “Life is a painted veil.” But is it all paint and varnish? Is there nothing beyond the veil? Is there not something deep, profound, a mystery, at the core of life?

Shakespeare had the wisdom of experience. He said, “Life is a shuttle.” But what is it we weave in the shuttle?

“Life is but thought,” said Coleridge. Yes, but is there not more than thought in the travail of life?

The sacred upanishad saith: “God is Life. And man is an organ of life, the God-life.” Therefore, life is not a dream, not a mockery, not a tragedy, in the long run. Therefore, life is not a bubble, nor a shadow, nor maya.

Life is a gift of God. And God’s gifts are beautiful, are wonderful, are divine.

This life is meant to link you with the deeper life, the God-life. It is within you.

Go into yourself deeper and deeper. You will touch love at last. And love is at the heart of life, love and purpose.

“Life is a mission,” said Mazzini. Your life’s mission is to reflect love.

“When, O Krishna! When will you come back to us!” cried the gopis when the master, vanished to Mathura. And the Lord sent them this one message through a gopi: “Back to you I shall come, but on this one condition that ye rekindle the light of love!”

Life is light—the light of love. Kindle it in your hearts. Spread it around you. And you will be a painter of rare power and insight. You will make many lives beautiful, beautiful and luminous. You will break into the poet’s song: “O God! How lovely still is life!”




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