Bridge the Gap: Building Friendships in the Parent-Child Relationship

Being friends with your parents? Here’s how you can bridge the gap

Even if you’ve never had a friendship-like bond with your parents in the past, it’s never too late to bridge that gap. By making an effort to connect with them, you can create a bond that's meaningful.

As our parents age, we often find them feeling vulnerable and lonely. The dynamics of our relationship with them also seems to change as they grow older. For instance, they might have been strict with us during our younger years, maintaining a clear parent-child boundary, but they may now long for a different kind of bond, one that resembles friendship.

Interestingly, even if you’ve never had a friendship-like bond with your parents in the past, it’s never too late to bridge that gap. By making an effort to connect with them, you can create a bond that’s closer, more beautiful and meaningful.

Global Day of Parents, observed on June 1st annually is dedicated to parents, recognising their role in nurturing and raising children. It offers us an opportunity to express gratitude for the love, sacrifices and guidance our parents have provided us with for decades. On this special day, join us as we explore ways to transform our relationship with our parents into a more friendly and fulfilling connection.

Discover a shared hobby

As adults, we often join hobby classes, like yoga or pottery workshops in a bid to meet new people and enjoy shared experiences. The same idea can be applied to our parent-child relationship. Finding a common hobby with them can do wonders for our bond. Whether it’s gardening, cooking, playing a sport or enjoying a particular type of music or movie, discovering a shared interest can bring families closer. It gives them something to enjoy together and also makes the time spent together more fun and memorable.

Communicate openly and honestly

Remember when we were kids and we’d hide our report cards or those times we got bullied at school because we were hesitant to talk to our parents? Well, it’s never too late to change that and start being open and honest with them. Communication is key to any strong relationship. Share your life, feelings and experiences with your parents from this moment on—because being honest helps build trust and allows you to connect on a deeper level, especially in the golden years.

Be someone they can rely on

You know how our parents sometimes struggle with things like paying bills through apps or waiting in long queues at the bank? They might need help with these tasks and this is where we can step in and make a difference. Whether it’s helping them with small tasks, being on time for doctor visits or just checking in regularly, being dependable builds trust and tells them we aren’t so little anymore.

For those who do not live in the same city or country as their parents’, there are several online websites and forums that can help bridge the gap. By taking care of their monthly errands or chores, we can let them live their retired years in peace, free of worries.

Exchange wisdom and advice

Although our parents’ opinions might sometimes seem a bit dated to us, let’s not forget the wealth of life experience they carry. If we don’t seem to understand their point of view now, there will come a time in our adulthood when we will. So, dismissing their insights would mean missing out on valuable wisdom that can help us navigate our lives better in the now. It is thus important to share our experiences and be open to their guidance regularly. This healthy exchange not only helps us do better than expected in many areas in life, it also connects us at a greater level.

Disagree, but respectfully

It’s okay to disagree with our parents sometimes. They might have different views or approaches and that’s completely normal. But here’s the thing—we can disagree while still showing them respect. By respectfully sharing our thoughts, we can create space for better understanding. Try to listen to your parents’ perspectives and express your own calmly. You will soon realise how rewarding such conversations can be.

Indeed, building a friendship with your parents as they age can be delightful. By finding common interests, communicating openly and including them in your life’s matters, you can bridge the gap and develop a more fulfilling relationship.

On Global Day of Parents, let’s honour our parents by making an effort to connect with them in truly meaningful ways.


What is Global Parents Day?

Global Parents Day is observed annually on June 1st. It’s dedicated to honouring parents and recognising their role in nurturing and raising children.

Why is Global Parents Day important?

Global Parents Day is important because it urges us to express gratitude for the love, sacrifices and guidance our parents provide us with for decades.

How can I bridge the generation gap with my parents?

To bridge the generation gap with your parents, try to find common interests or hobbies that you can enjoy together. Also, learn to respect their point of view instead of being dismissive.

What are some tips for improving my relationship with my parents?

Some tips for improving your relationship with your parents can include being dependable and reliable, exchanging advice and respectfully disagreeing when necessary.




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