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Facing a creative block? Here’s how you can unleash your creativity

Even though a creative block may seem like a huge obstacle to overcome, there are ways you can defy it and re-ignite your creativity.

You are sitting in front of your laptop—staring at a blank document—waiting in vain to give form and shape to your thoughts. Yet nothing seems to materialise. Your day feels dragged-out and uninspired, and your mind seems empty of ideas because there’s a massive hurdle blocking your creativity from flowing.

On other days, it feels great when you can tap into your creative reservoir and churn out original ideas and innovative solutions—almost effortlessly. But this creative process can sometimes meet a dead-end when you face the proverbial ‘creative block’. Whether you are an artist, a writer or a manager, it can be difficult to stay inspired and creative all the time. However, creativity is an important life skill to solve life’s problems and discover new growth opportunities. By being open and curious about the world around you, you can allow creativity to bloom and enhance your work and life.

Even though a creative block may seem like a huge obstacle to overcome, there are ways you can defy it and re-ignite your creativity. Here are a few effective tips to refuel your creativity and unlock your true potential.

Identify your peak creativity time

Research shows that there isn’t one best time of the day for creativity. Rather, your peak creativity time depends on your chronotype—preferred times of activity and sleep. People vary on a continuum from strong morning types to strong evening types and tend to be most creative when they work in sync with their chronotype. You can identify your peak creativity time by running a litmus test on how you spend each day. Take note of the times when you are at your creative best, and keep a track of the hours when you slack and are low in energy or motivation. Once you identify your productivity level, you can structure your routine in a way that helps you make the most of your waking hours.

Revamp your workspace

Often, the key to unlocking your creativity can lie in a change of space and environment. A cluttered, uninspiring and static workspace can impair your ability to churn fresh and innovative ideas since your mind fails to draw inspiration from such a setting. Rearranging your desk with inspiring and personalised objects can be a great way to overcome a creative block. Also, you can create a natural setting to revamp your work environment. Think of introducing plants, flowers, pleasing aromatics, and allowing ample natural light to come in. According to a

Take a break

The next time your creativity hits a sudden roadblock, don’t hesitate to step away from the task at hand. If you have found yourself sweating over a particular task for hours, taking a break might just do the trick of getting your creative juices flowing. When you take a break, it clears your head and allows you to emerge with a fresh perspective. Go for a walk, play with your pet, listen to some music or just take a short nap to refuel your creativity in no time.

Look within for inspiration

Creativity isn’t something that you will always find in external things. You can draw inspiration from within by reading up on topics that interest you, doing the things you love, and viewing things and situations from your unique perspective. Also, engage in activities that can help broaden your horizons and compel you to question your assumptions and self-limiting beliefs. You can start by writing your thoughts in a journal or trying a new hobby to stretch beyond your comfort zone and unlock your creativity.

Do something less creative

Although this might sound paradoxical, turns out that people are more likely to think of new and creative ideas when their minds are wandering. That’s why doing something boring or less creative can actually work wonders for your creativity. When you indulge in activities that do not involve much thinking, your mind wanders, and that’s when you can chance upon new ideas. A few examples of such activities are gardening, decluttering your home, or even something as routine as doing the dishes or your laundry.

Read your favourite book

When you find yourself hitting a creative block and don’t know what to do next, immersing yourself in a book can be the best way to escape the conundrum and gain a fresh outlook. Reading is a brain exercise like no other—it improves concentration, sharpens your focus, and most importantly, gives your creativity a much-needed boost. Not only does a book offer a great sense of peace and comfort, but it can also inspire you with new ideas. Whether you are trying to push through a creative block or just hunting for inspiration, reading a book and then some more can go a long way in firing up your creativity.

Practise mindfulness meditation

Creativity comes in many forms. But stress and overthinking can cause it to die a slow death. Mindfulness meditation not only allows you to shift gears when you’re stressed, but it also has positive effects on your creativity and productivity. According to Danny Penman, author of Mindfulness for Creativity, mindfulness meditation opens up the mind to new ideas and enhances creativity. When you meditate, you allow your mind to empty itself of negative and unwanted ideas, which in turn frees up space for new, more positive ideas to flow in. Mindfulness meditation also works in increasing your sense of awareness, thus making your mind more receptive to new ideas, thoughts and views.




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