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Feeling Hopeless? Here are 5 things you can do

Developing a positive attitude can help us survive adverse situations and cope with obstacles without hindering our wellbeing.

We all go through adversities at one point or the other. No matter how strong or optimistic we are, we fall prey to times when we feel defeated and trapped, unable to think of a way forward. Be it sickness, unemployment, or a personal loss, tough times get the better of us till we get overwhelmed with a sense of doom, which leaves us feeling hopeless. During such times, hope and a positive attitude can help us survive impossible situations and cope with obstacles without shutting us down. Research has shown that people who do not lose hope have better coping mechanisms than those who tend to focus on the negativities.

Here are a few ways to be hopeful and optimistic when faced with stumbling blocks.

Strengthen your will

There are times when you find yourself in situations that demand multiple attempts to find a solution. You feel your level of confidence is going down with every attempt and you slow down. Such an attitude will only make the problems more complex, even if you are close to the solution. These are moments when you have to find your will. Try to optimise your thought process to find simple ways and to understand the root of your problem. In regular intervals of time, visit that thought in your mind which you hope will solve the problem, in the best way possible.

For instance, when you are new to a certain profession, you hardly know the processes. It happens to everyone. You make mistakes, miss deadlines, and if things don’t improve, you lose your confidence too. In such situations, take a break, seek help. Talk to yourself about what went wrong initially. Was it a miss somewhere by your side? Jot down points and study them. Be willing to accept your lack of understanding and then get back to resolving the issue.

Focus on possibilities

Often, the adversities you face in life leave you with the notion, ‘this is impossible to do or achieve’. In such cases, allow your thoughts to breathe and give yourself the time to adjust to reality. Convince yourself that the task at hand is tough to handle, but not impossible to achieve. If you feel your productivity is draining due to certain difficulties, make time, and talk to your friends who are experienced and who have been in your spot. If you are feeling hopeless, be motivated enough to focus on the possibilities. Always remember that the most difficult paths often lead you to the most beautiful destinations.

Be thankful for what you have

You always hope to attain more than what you already have. Yes, it is definitely a positive approach towards life, but it is likely to get toxic if you don’t acknowledge what you have earned. Be thankful to those who celebrate your success and be thoughtful of those that criticise you.

Everyday consider recalling moments where you received help or where you extended a helping hand to someone, and be thankful. Do not let the negativities of arguments affect your mind. Tell yourself, whatever happened, has happened for something better. Be grateful for the place you have earned or been given. Cultivating a habit of practicing gratitude helps you remain positive even when you are feeling hopeless.

Absorb good vibes from your company

We all have friends and loved ones on whom we can rely. A smile or a brief conversation with your colleague every few hours can help your mind breathe. You socialise and work, both at the same time. In the process, you get to know the other person and your mind registers the feelings of joy, humour, and love. If you are feeling hopeless, you can find hope from the happiness that finds its place in small conversations. Difficult times become lighter when you have someone to share your feelings with.

Practice acts of kindness

Kindness is a virtue that is often undervalued. Small acts of compassion have the power to uplift not only the person receiving it but also the one imparting it. By helping someone else, you are subconsciously giving another person hope to move forward. This is how a random act of kindness can make a difference, no matter how small it is, which in return will fill you with optimism and hope. Like Elizabeth Taylor famously said, “It’s all about hope, kindness, and a connection with one another.”


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