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Going the extra mile: How to make a long-distance relationship work

Maintaining a long-distance relationship is possible if the two people involved are committed to making it work.

It’s no secret that long-distance relationships are difficult. The lack of physical presence makes it an emotionally tough endeavour. However, in the age of social media, couples in long-distance relationships can remain in constant touch through texts, calls, and video chats. Thanks to technology, communication in long-distance relationships is no longer an issue. But is that all it takes to make a long-distance relationship work? Certainly not.

The quality and sustenance of a long-distance relationship depend on the individuals involved. It takes hard work, dedication and commitment to figure out what works best for both partners. Although communication may not be an obstacle, building a meaningful emotional connection with your partner living in a different city or time zone can be difficult.

But don’t lose hope just yet. Maintaining a fulfilling long-distance relationship is possible if the two people involved are committed to making it work. All it needs is some planning, communication, and trust. After all, a relationship is not defined by time zones but what you do with the time you have in your hand. According to a study, long-distance couples tend to experience the same or higher levels of satisfaction than those who are geographically close.

Here are some tips that can make your long-distance relationship stronger and lasting.

Make the most of technology

If you are in a long-distance relationship, technology can be your best friend. You can communicate with your partner instantaneously with photos, texts, and video calls. Furthermore, sending letters through email and sending gifts online are good ways to stay connected and express affection.

Technology can also help you both explore your shared interests and activities even while apart, through movie streaming, playing online games, and reading eBooks together. Overall, technology can help make a long-distance relationship work because it allows couples to communicate instantly and effectively.

Focus on quality communication

Regular and effective communication is absolutely necessary to make long-distance relationships work. Try to keep your partner updated about your life. When you are sharing something with your partner, make sure to avoid generic communication. Instead, delve into the details. Talk about the people you met, what you ate, and how you felt at the end of the day. Doing so will allow the other person to feel important and appreciated.

However, just because you’re staying apart doesn’t mean you have to talk 24X7. Many couples make this mistake. You don’t really have to communicate several hours a day to keep the relationship going. Soon, you’ll be tired of these excessive calls and chats, and exhaust yourselves. Focus on the quality of the communication rather than the quantity.

Make sure your goals are aligned

A long-distance relationship is easier for both partners if there is an end date to the distance. While a long-distance relationship can work for a certain period, eventually you’ll want to be in the same place as your partner. It helps to know when that will happen. Ask questions such as, “What do we want to achieve in life?” “How long do we plan to stay apart?” Answering such questions will help you both stay on the same page. Although the plans may change, knowing that you have shared goals will give you both peace and assurance about the future.

Plan your schedule well

Timing matters a lot if you’re in a long-distance relationship. You wouldn’t want to disturb your partner if they are working. Therefore, it is best to create a schedule and share it with your loved one. This will let your partner know when you’re available and when you’re not. Figure out a schedule that makes you both feel secure in the relationship, while also leaving time for other aspects of your life, such as family, friends, and hobbies. Doing so is important to keep misunderstandings and disappointments at bay.

Visit each other from time to time

While technology helps you communicate with your partner, it is not enough to keep the spark alive. Without getting to spend quality time together, it can be easy to feel disconnected as a couple. It is common for one of the partners, if not both, to succumb to resentment or anxiety. If there is one thing that sustains a long-distance relationship, it is the prospect of meeting your partner in person. This is why visits are so important. Making plans ahead of time ensures that you always have something to look forward to. Also, planning your next trip together can make the distance bearable.

Do things together

Just because you’re not in the same space physically, doesn’t mean you can’t do things together. You can stream a movie, a podcast, or a TV show to watch together. Streaming devices have made it easier than ever to binge-watch shows with your partner. Apart from the usual video chats, spice up your virtual date nights with fun activities such as online games to help you unwind together. You can also take a walk outside while video-calling each other to share glimpses of each other’s surroundings and feel closer. You can also shop online together and buy each other gifts. Such activities will help keep the love alive by creating some shared experiences, even though you are living apart.

Set clear boundaries

Boundaries are important in long-distance relationships. You need to be clear about what you expect from your companion and vice versa. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to seek approval from your partner every time you socialise with a new person. A lot of long-distance relationships face roadblocks due to a lack of trust and invasion of space, even if it’s just virtual. This is why communication is the key. For that to happen, you need to set a few ground rules. These include open communication, not making assumptions, taking responsibility for your actions, and so on. Boundaries ensure that you don’t do things that will take your loved one by surprise. Have honest conversations about what works for you and why it does. Be clear about your intentions and feelings. This will give you both clarity on where you stand and what the future holds for you.


What factors contribute to the challenges of long-distance relationships?

The lack of physical presence makes long-distance relationships emotionally demanding, and while technology facilitates communication, building a meaningful emotional connection can still be challenging.

What is necessary to make a long-distance relationship successful?

Maintaining a fulfilling long-distance relationship requires commitment, dedication, and planning. It’s not solely dependent on communication but also on building a meaningful emotional connection.

How can technology aid in maintaining a long-distance relationship?

Technology enables instant communication through texts, calls, and video chats. It also facilitates sharing photos, sending letters via email, and sending gifts online.

Why are visits important in a long-distance relationship?

Visits are essential for maintaining the connection, preventing feelings of disconnection, resentment, or anxiety. Planning visits and having something to look forward to sustains the relationship.

Why are boundaries important in long-distance relationships?

Setting boundaries is crucial to establish trust, maintain personal space, and avoid misunderstandings. Open communication and clear intentions contribute to a healthy relationship.


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