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Couple goals: Here’s how travelling can bring you closer to each other

When couples travel together, the excitement of exploring something new other than your daily life not only rekindles the flame of romance but also paves way for an everlasting loving relationship.

One of the most beautiful stories to unfurl on the silver screen is about an American man and a French woman discovering each other, time and again, travelling through different cities in Europe. They meet, fall in love, separate, find different destinies but reunite. Filmmaker Richard Linklater’s famous ‘Before’ trilogy is a sublime tale that defies time and distance – Jesse and Celine’s romantic relationship is just a little more magical because travelling plays an equal and important role in it. Real life may not be so cinematic, but there are times and places that do wonders for a tired lover’s soul.

Aren’t there times when you wish you could just cut the noise out? That it could be just the two of you and no one else? Imagine how refreshing such a break from routine would be. Now, add the scenic view of a beautiful sky high mountain range or the splashing waves of a blue green sea. Yes, it may be the very definition of bliss.

Travelling might be rejuvenating for most of us, but when it comes to couples travelling, it amounts to more than just a welcome break. It gives them the time to really speak to each other about things big and small. It opens up a kind of space that may have gone missing in the rigmarole of everyday. When you are on a trip to a nice locale, there is rarely any housework or the usual obligations and responsibilities. The time you get is ideal to sit and connect with your romantic partner.

Soulveda enlists some of the great things about couple travelling and how it compliments romantic relationships.

Helps bring back spontaneity

Most long term couples say the predictability of their daily life is what becomes a hurdle in romance later on. Couples not just have set routines but also have their weekends planned. When there is such predictability to their actions everyday, the love often sits quietly in the backburner and errands rule the roost.

Travel ruffles things up. When you are headed to a holiday, all the humdrum is tossed out as you and your partner worry about sweet things like how fancy a dinner you should order, which adventure sport to participate in or whether you want the bonfire in the evening or not. Silly little things like dressing up the children or waiting for the cab also feel like a part of the adventure. Sure, watching shows at home and ordering in may be your permanent source of comfort as a romantic couple, but sometimes, love hides in the crevices that need dusting and travelling does exactly that.

Today is all you got, so make the most of it – it’s a saying best suited to travelling with your dearest and nearest ones.

Teaches letting go

How many times have we all felt burdened by our responsibilities? Month after month, we go about our personal and professional duties, without any back patting or appreciation from any quarter. While one maybe efficient day in and day out, getting things done constantly, there comes a time when we must confront our exhaustion or lack of inspiration. Nothing in the world can go on and on without a break.

Travelling with your partner is an ideal way to let go of things once in a while. These things may be important in your daily routine and in the long run too, but halting for a bit in the midst of it all is refreshing and even essential for your wellbeing.

Utilise this precious time found to speak your heart out with your loving partner – celebrate what works, cast off what is redundant in the scheme of things and simply be content in the present moment.

Do new and exciting things

Surely trekking and zip lining is not a part of your weekend plans a lot. Neither is enjoying a river safari with crocodiles basking in the sun on both the banks. Adventures like these are memorable because they excite and thrill, but they become doubly so when one gets to experience it as a couple.

In 2000, psychologist Arthur Aron of State University of New York-Stony Brook and his colleagues published findings of a study they did in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology that stated doing shared activities leads to better relationships. Science also touts those couples are happier that undertake activities together.

It is important to note that these exclude activities that are financial or familial in nature; any activity that indulges one in a hobby or tends to take the pressure and demand off helps in bonding. It is common to see couples, especially those who have spent a decade or more together, fall into a rut that they seldom recognize, much less address. A vacation gives many options to do things together and find that connect back. A lot of people vouch for the new changes and new vows they bring back with them from vacations.

Shared memories

Be it bungee jump from the mountains or an animal safari when spot your first tiger or even see your child fearlessly splash in a lake, you make memories that stay in your heart and mind forever. Now imagine doing the same while holding hands with your life partner; these are shared memories that will not just make you beam with joy, but also lighten your heart on days that are heavy or sad.

Solo trips are very good for the soul as a lot of untapped feelings and potential find light in the solitude. However, travelling with your spouse or partner gives you the strength of being a team not just for the trip, but in life in the bigger picture.

You feel safe having another person with you in a new land. You have inside jokes to laugh on during silly moments. You even make some new inside jokes while you travel. For instance, you have someone

to change the baby’s diaper if you are in the swimming pool. You can go trek a mile on your own knowing your loving partner is supervising the kids for a while. These may sound like small things, but make a big splash in kindness towards the one you love.

Changes perspectives

Travelling to faraway places helps add a fresh perspective to things you may be long wondering. Big life decisions like moving, new jobs, new schools, fading relationships can get a relook when you take a few steps back and see it. Travelling takes the burden off one’s shoulders for a while – no strict routine to adhere to, no meals to cook or plan. So the mind and heart finds the space to get an aerial view of one’s circumstances and options.

Many people find life’s biggest answers while travelling to places. Perspectives that one has long held can change in a snap when you get to see it from a new angle. It is difficult to get answers at home – its familiarity sometimes is consuming. A new place with no baggage makes it all too clear.

Nature heals

Truly, nature heals everything in the world. Just imagine yourself soaking in the warm winter sun in a cozy resort or sipping tea in a small shop next to a mountain with your loving partner. Love truly shines in nature. When the mountains, seas and valleys beckon, the heart tends to brim with positive feelings and a sense of gratitude for all you have – this includes having a partner who has seen life’s ups and downs with you. Travelling to any of nature’s numerous gorgeous locales help loving relationships stand the test of time and monotony.

It is also seen that while embracing the tranquillity of a new place, couples travelling together tend to pause and reflect on the finer points of why they chose to be with each other in the first place.


How can travelling together bring you closer to your partner?

It helps bring back spontaneity, teaches letting go, helps you do new and exciting things, share memories, and changes perspectives.

How does travelling help bring back spontaneity in a relationship?

Traveling introduces a sense of adventure and unpredictability. It encourages couples to step out of their comfort zones, embrace spontaneity, and create new experiences together, revitalizing the excitement in their relationship.

How does traveling teach couples to let go and relax?

Traveling often involves navigating unfamiliar situations. This teaches couples to let go of rigid routines, expectations, and worries.

How does nature's healing influence bring couples closer during travel?

Traveling often involves exposure to nature’s beauty and tranquillity. Being surrounded by nature’s healing influence can help couples unwind, destress, and connect on a deeper level.




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