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How to believe in yourself when the odds are stacked against you

Even when odds are not in their favour, winners find a reason to keep marching forward. It doesn’t matter how rough the road ahead is or how uncertain the situation looks, they trust themselves to soar far and high.

Success never comes easy. It comes at a price you pay through your hard work and belief in yourself. It tests your limits and your dedication to your dreams. It will surprise you every now and then with obstacles that may seem too difficult to overcome. Odds will be stacked against you and throwing in the towel will seem like the only choice you have. Such is life. It tests everyone, whether it’s an amateur boxer looking to leave his mark or a student pursuing their PhD. For every person, there comes a time when everything appears to be going wrong. It won’t work is what you hear, on and on, from your inner voice and people close to you.

At this crucial juncture of your journey, you get two options, call it quits or believe in yourself and keep going. Winners choose the latter. This is what separates them from others. Even when odds are not in their favour, they find a reason to keep marching forward. It doesn’t matter how rough the road ahead is or how uncertain the situation looks, they trust themselves to soar far and high.

It may seem like rocket science but believing in yourself when the going gets tough is easier than you think. You just need to keep a few things in mind to harness the power of self-belief and keep moving forward. Let’s take a look at them.

Accept your circumstances

As the saying goes, acceptance is having the faith that all is well despite the circumstances. Whether it’s your debt that’s eating you from the inside or not finding a good job your biggest fear, learn to accept the circumstances you are in. That means, not to dwell in the past and latch on to the things you didn’t do right. This only wastes more time and takes away your energy and motivation. Rather, what you need to do is accept what has happened and plan your next moves. Believe in yourself until you have achieved your goals. Just like inventors like Thomas Edison and entrepreneurs like Elon Musk did when their back was against the wall. They kept on going despite failure staring directly into their faces. They found success and so will you.

Conquer your limiting beliefs

Most of the time, it’s the lack of self-belief that keeps you from chasing your goals. You get overwhelmed by limiting thoughts like you don’t deserve happiness or you don’t have what it takes. Such thoughts mostly occur when you are close to the finishing line. When you can see your destination coming nearer with every step you take. In such cases, try repeating powerful affirmations to keep the rush of motivation running in your veins. Remind yourself that you deserve all the happiness and success. You are not less than anyone. You will find success no matter what it takes. Such affirmations will keep you on track and empower you to conquer your limiting beliefs.

View setbacks as opportunities for growth

When the scientists like Dr Katie Bouman released the first-ever picture of a Black Hole, the world applauded in unison. It was an incredible milestone that was celebrated across the world. The achievement was so big that it overshadowed all the setbacks and failures this journey endeavoured. It took them two long decades to capture the blurry image of the Imagine the odds. It gives us one big lesson. Don’t let your setbacks stop you from achieving your dreams. Believe in yourself. One day, the world will applaud your success. Until then, keep it onwards and upwards.

Draw strength from your loved ones

When odds are stacked against you, you need to find ways to believe in yourself and stay motivated. So, find your source of motivation. It can be a loved one, a role model, a fictional character, a song, a movie, a book, anything that can keep your boat afloat. Make a list of people who you look up to. In tough times, go through their stories and the challenges they face. Ask yourself, what they would have done if they were in your place. If it’s a song, understand its lyrics, if it’s a fictional character, see what they did. Draw strength from wherever you can. That’s what most people have done when things didn’t go as planned. These simple things are all it takes to define your success.

Don’t compare yourself with others

The comparison trap is a pit that has kept most of the success stories from seeing the light of day. It has ended journeys before they could start. It’s a grave people dig with their own hands. Why is it that everyone has to be better than others? They want more than their neighbours, earn bigger paychecks than their friends, buy expensive suits than their colleagues—this urge to compare traps people into a never-ending loop of self-loathing and anger. Snap out of it. Stop comparing yourself with others whose journeys are different altogether. Remember, the only person you have to outshine is who you were yesterday. Compete with yourself and not anyone else. If you can do this, you will never run out of confidence and self-belief no matter how difficult your present circumstances are.

Be your own cheerleader

It doesn’t matter what ‘sport’ we play in life, we all have cheerleaders in the form of friends, family, and well-wishers. Although it’s a blessing to have even one cheering for you, however, to win in life, you need to be your own biggest cheerleader. When you cheer yourself, even when you are losing, you can find opportunities to make a comeback and win. It suppresses the inner critic that prevents you from taking chances and compels you to quit. It can make you think coherently and keep the switch of your self-belief ON. So be committed to your goal and be your biggest and loudest cheerleader.

Be patient

Some people find success faster than others. This truth can put a seed of doubt in your mind. Months and years later, you can still find yourself questioning whether you will ever find success in life. All you have to do until that day comes is be patient and believe in yourself. Keep giving your all and wait for the time to change. Because it does. In one moment, all your life can change. All the sweat and tears you put into your journey will turn into rewards you always dreamt of. Until then, keep moving forward, one step at a time.




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