How to find motivation in life when you are stuck in a rut

When your motivation begins to dwindle, consider it a sign that it's time to bring a change.

When stuck in a rut, you often feel demotivated to do anything, no matter how important the task at hand. Even when your plate is full and deadlines are looming, you feel listless and uninspired. The simple task of getting out of bed in the morning seems like an uphill battle. Work doesn’t interest you anymore, and every day seems familiar and mundane. You simply lack the motivation in life.

This dearth of motivation usually creeps in when your life is going in circles. Deep down, you feel empty, but on the surface, you look fine. You continue to live your life as if nothing is wrong. However, by doing so, you plunge into a downward spiral from which you can’t easily escape. Unless you take matters into your own hands.

When your motivation begins to dwindle, consider it a sign that it’s time to bring a change; that you need to steer your life in a new direction. Once you take the wheel, you need to find the motivation to start afresh and keep moving towards achieving your goals. Here’s how you can do it.

Establish tangible goals  

At the outset, you need to introspect and list down a set of well-defined goals that you wish to achieve in the future. Setting out goals can help translate your vision into reality. Goals give you a specific direction to focus on, thus improving your motivation in life. Break up your goals into simpler tasks and gradually move to bigger challenges. Also, keeping regular track of your progress can be really motivating when you see evidence of your growth. Make sure to reward yourself every time you achieve a goal.

Acknowledge your situation

More often than not, you feel stuck in life because you are too afraid to acknowledge your current situation. Fear stops you from taking risks and accomplishing your goals. You sabotage your own progress because you can’t face the unknown. To avoid this, learn to accept your circumstances. Start by bringing awareness to your own areas of dissatisfaction in life, and use that awareness as motivation to reach where you want to be. The potential for disappointment or failure must not be a hindrance in your path of moving forward.

Get out of your comfort zone

At first, it may seem more comfortable to remain in your current frame of mind rather than questioning your choices. However, the more you get used to living in your comfort zone, the tougher it becomes to break free from old habits and patterns. The goal is to challenge and improve yourself, which can only be done outside your comfort zone. Once you achieve more than you thought was possible, your confidence undoubtedly increases. You also gain new skills and stay motivated to continue on the positive upward spiral of growth.

Keep your spirits high

Most of us know what elevates our mood. It could be listening to music or talking to your best friend. Making such activities part of your daily life and celebrating the little things can work wonders for your motivation. Surround yourself with positive people and experiences. Share your goals and aspirations with your family and close friends, and encourage them to help you stay motivated. When you focus on creating a positive environment, you are bound to feel better about yourself.

Read or watch something inspirational

Reading a motivational book or watching an inspiring movie when trapped in limbo can help boost your motivation in life. When you see an underdog reaching the heights of success, you get fired up and are inspired to do more and be more. Some movies and books truly have the potential to motivate and influence your decisions. They can also provide fresh perspectives and ideas, and teach you to not give up.

Take a break

Sometimes, you just need a break to refresh your mind and re-evaluate your goals. When you feel uninspired, rather than stressing about it, you can just step back, unplug and do something that you enjoy. It can be in the form of a vacation or a weekend getaway from the hustle of daily life. Doing so can help you feel rejuvenated and energised. When the mind is not clogged with the overload of information received on a daily basis, you find the focus and motivation to move forward with renewed vigour.


Exercising may be the last thing on your mind when you’re feeling demotivated. But some form of physical activity is exactly what you need to find that drive when you’re feeling uninspired. You can go for a short run, do some light workout, head to your local swimming pool, or even get active around the house. Exercise can improve your mood and help you think clearly. Any form of exercise done for a longer period can make you less susceptible to depression and low self-esteem, which are major roadblocks to achieving personal motivation.

Change your routine

Most of us follow a routine to get through our daily tasks. But when there is a change in your routine, you force your brain to pay more attention to what you’re doing differently. In other words, new input forces the brain into thinking creatively. This requires breaking your existing patterns of monotony from time to time. Spontaneous activities such as planning an impromptu meet with friends, picking a new place for lunch, signing up for a new class, or hiking and camping adventures are great options to add to your day. Changing your routine gives you the opportunity to discover new and exciting ways to spend your days, leading to greater motivation.


How can one find motivation in life when feeling stuck in a rut?

When experiencing a lack of motivation due to feeling stuck, it’s crucial to recognize this as a sign for change. Rather than continuing in a monotonous cycle, taking proactive steps is essential for rekindling motivation and steering life towards a new direction.

How does setting tangible goals contribute to increasing motivation?

Defining clear and achievable goals provides direction and purpose. Breaking these goals into smaller tasks allows for steady progress, while tracking accomplishments fosters motivation.

How does stepping out of one's comfort zone impact motivation?

Leaving the comfort zone is crucial for growth and self-improvement. Embracing discomfort fosters personal development and maintains motivation for positive change.

How does taking a break contribute to reinvigorating motivation?

Sometimes, stepping back and taking a break offers an opportunity for rejuvenation. Temporary detachment from daily routines and activities allows for a fresh perspective, helping to refocus and re-energize.


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