Emotional Movies Celebrating Human-Animal Bonds for National Pet Day

Power of human-animal bonds: 11 must watch movies sure to make you cry

Benefits of having a pet are many. Pets can heal us, comfort us and offer unconditional friendship in ways that perhaps even humans cannot. Their loyalty and love make them our best companions.

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened,”said the French poet Anatole France once. This quote captures the bond shared between humans and animals perfectly. Benefits of having a pet are many. Pets can heal us, comfort us and offer unconditional friendship in ways that perhaps even humans cannot. Their loyalty and love make them our best companions.

National Pet Day is celebrated on the 11th of April and is dedicated to appreciating the joy that pets bring into our lives. This day reminds us to cherish our furry, feathered and often scaled friends, and asks us to acknowledge the great role they play in our lives. On this special day, join us as we enlist some movies that depict this special human-animal bond.

June and Kopi

June and Kopi is a film about the heartwarming journey of a young couple and their two dogs, Kopi and June. In the film, rescuing a stray dog named June from the streets changes the life of a couple. June becomes a cherished member of their family and provides comfort to their daughter, Karin, who suffers from asthma. June and Kopi beautifully captures the loyalty that dogs offer to their human companions.

Vicki and Her Mystery

Vicki and Her Mystery is an adventure film that revolves around a young girl named Vicky and a wolf cub named Mystery. After the tragic loss of her mother, Vicky, who has stopped speaking, discovers a puppy in the forest. As the story unfolds, Vicky’s father realises that Mystery is a wolf cub but cannot bear to separate them, as Vicky starts to find her voice once again through her connection with the wolf. The movie shows how animals can bring healing and a sense of purpose to their human friends.

Dog Gone

Dog Gone is a touching tale of a young boy’s determination to find his beloved dog after he goes missing. The film captures the strong bond between a boy and his dog,  showcasing the lengths to which our young can go to protect and reunite with their pets. Dog Gone reminds us of the deep connection and love that exists between little humans and their animal companions.


Benji is a classic family film that tells the story of a lovable stray dog named Benji, who helps rescue two kidnapped children. This timeless story celebrates the bravery and loyalty that animals show without thinking of the dangers they may face. Benji is a heartwarming reminder of the heroism and unconditional love of pets.

Rescued by Ruby

Rescued by Ruby is a touching film based on the true story of a police officer who forms a special bond with a stray dog named Ruby. The movie shows how Ruby helps the officer overcome personal challenges and find purpose in life. A lovely tribute to shelter animals, Rescued by Ruby showcases the wonderful ways in which shelter animals change our lives even though it may seem like humans are doing the saving bit.


Okja is a unique film that explores the deep bond shared between a young girl named Mija and her genetically engineered super pig, Okja. The movie raises important questions about animal rights, ethics and the food industry. Through Mija and Okja’s journey, the film asks viewers to reflect on the treatment of animals the world over and teaches us the importance of compassion.

It’s Bruno

It’s Bruno, a comedy series that follows the daily adventures of a man and his beloved dog Bruno, is a hilarious must-watch for all ages. The show humorously captures the unique personalities of dogs and their owners and celebrates the joy that comes from having a pet. It’s Bruno offers an entertaining look at the special bond between a man and his dog, with laughs galore.

After Life

After Life is a touching series that explores themes of grief, loss and healing through the story of a man who forms a bond with a stray dog after his wife passes away. A series that is sure to make you cry several times, it shows how animals can offer comfort to us during times of extreme sorrow. The series also reminds us of the many roles that pets play in our lives, from giving us unconditional love to helping us cope with loss and finding hope.

Marley and Me

Marley and Me is a heartwarming film about a family and their mischievous but lovable Labrador Retriever, Marley. The movie chronicles the ups and downs of having a pet, from the joyful moments to the challenges and lessons. Another tearjerker, Marley and Me is a lovely tribute to the unconditional love and loyalty of pets.

Free Willy

Free Willy is a classic family film that tells the inspiring story of a young boy who befriends a captive orca whale and works tirelessly to set him free. In its essence, Free Willy celebrates the bond between humans and animals but when you explore all the facets of the film, you see it actually teaches us the importance of freedom and compassion for all living beings. Almost as a call to action, Free Willy highlights the responsibility we have towards all the animals.

The Elephant Whisperers

The Elephant Whisperers is an Oscar winning documentary that follows the incredible journey of an old couple who form a deep bond with an orphaned elephant from the wild. It showcases the extraordinary intelligence of elephants and the powerful role of compassion in our relationships with animals. The documentary offers an insightful look into the world of elephants as well.

These movies explore the unconditional love, loyalty and healing that our animal companions bring in our lives. From heartwarming tales of rescue to journeys of healing, these stories remind us of the importance of cherishing these unique connections we are lucky to form in our lives.


What are some popular movies about the bond between humans and animals?

Some popular movies about the bond between humans and animals include Marley and Me, Free Willy, Benji, The Secret Life of Pets and Hachi: A Dog’s Tale.

How do pet movies impact viewers emotionally?

Pet movies can make viewers laugh, cry and feel a range of emotions. They can also encourage us to adopt a pet.

Are there any pet movies based on true stories?

Yes, several pet movies are based on true stories or real-life events such as Hachi: A Dog’s Tale and Marley and Me.

What are some of the themes commonly explored in pet movies?

Common themes explored in pet movies include the love and loyalty between humans and animals and the joy that pets bring. Other themes deal with healing from grief and loss.




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