Ways to Bond With Your Children Over Summer

Hello Summer: Strengthen your bond with your child with these activities

Summers can be the best time to take a break and bond with your child through various activities. Such memorable moments spent together fill you with excitement and make your bond stronger.

“The best inheritance a parent can give his children is a few minutes of his time each day,” goes a striking quote by Battista, a Canadian American author. The quote  resonates with most parents; whether you have just embraced parenthood or are on the verge of an empty nest, one thing you’ll know is that a child always longs for the companionship of his or her parents. As a social animal, being in the company of loved ones comes naturally to all human beings. However, for a child in his primitive years of development, it is extremely crucial to spend quality time with parents. These moments of love, care and playing together are instrumental in them developing into happy and emotionally balanced people.

The onset of summer invariably brings back the splendid memories of family vacations for most of us. Summer outdoor activities too hold a special place in our hearts. These outdoor activities where we indulged in adventure and fun, created some powerful shared experiences with our parents that we remember from time to time.

Now, as we become parents and wish for a happy childhood for our kids, a little thought and planning in investing our time for a fruitful summer vacation can go a long way. This will not only bring fun and excitement for the child but also allow an entire family the opportunity to bond.

To create a sense of shared experience with your child, it is essential that you plan outdoor activities and family vacations with them, keeping the requirements of your child in mind. Dr. Benjamin Spock, the author of the bestselling book ‘Baby and Child Care’ laid out the most basic fact about bonding with your child when he stated, “All the time a person is a child, he is both a child and learning to be a parent. After he becomes a parent, he becomes predominantly a parent reliving childhood.”

Here, we outline interesting, fun to do outdoor activities this summer for you and your child to bond better.

Go for a jungle safari

Exploring nature and its varied bounties is something all children look forward to with great enthusiasm. Visiting a jungle to experience the rich flora and fauna adds to a child’s understanding of the ecosystem. A break taken in the great outdoors is indeed one of the best ways to bond with one’s offspring while lowering one’s own stress levels.

A family vacation to a jungle safari tends to broaden the horizon of children in terms of their existence in the bigger picture, importance of other creatures and the intricate balance that nature maintains between its various elements. What they read throughout the year in their syllabus can come alive through a jungle safari.

If undertaking a jungle safari is not possible, one can also take a nature walk in the early mornings with children. Apart from exploring natural beauty, kids will love jogging, skipping or making friends with similar goals. They can be further  encouraged to maintain a plant journal, where they collect parts of the plants they see and study more about them.

Make a splash

Come summers and we start craving for aqua activities like splashing in the big community pool or going to resorts during family vacations with outdoor swimming pools. Swimming can be a very refreshing outdoor activity for you as well as your child – a swim session whether in the morning or late evening tends to fill your entire day with abundant energy. Your child will absolutely love taking to the water, without even realizing the physical benefits it brings.

When you go for a swim with your child, you get to bond, exercise and have a fun and de-stressing summer outdoor activity all at once.

Travel by train

No one can forget the many travel sojourns undertaken in one’s childhood. A train journey remains fascinating for most, no matter what the age. But for a child, it makes for an extremely enriching experience, where they see people of different cultures couped together, different foods being served and passing through varied landscapes. Whether a train passes through a grassland, a thick forest or a tunnel, it gives the child a wonderful experience which adds to their learning curve.

The annual train journey to our grandparent’s place, the excitement of travelling via a train and the warmth of our grandparents and their stories is something we still cherish. So why not make your children experience the same wonderful thing – during the school’s summer break, take them to their grandparents’ place. Not only they will experience the unique love and affection only grandparents can shower, the kids will learn family traditions and values too.

Nurture hobbies

Summer vacations can be a good opportunity to let your child nurture his or her passion. Head to a pottery class, learn how to skate or swim or learn how to read story books – there are many life skills or hobbies to choose from. Along with the child, you too can devote time to hone your own creative skills. Whether it is painting, doodling, dancing, singing or even writing, dedicate some time to practice your passion along with theirs. The child may indulge in what you are doing or pursue their own passion. This can be a truly satisfying activity for both. Following a creative pursuit together will bring the two of you closer. Moreover, you will spend time constructively with your child away from gadgets and devices.

One can also encourage their child to create a summer journal where they chronicle their hobbies and progress. This will be a positive step for them to utilize their time in meaningful creative pursuits and set them up to be well rounded individuals.

Enjoy board games

Lizzie Magie, the inventor who inspired the most popular board game called Monopoly, believed that games must be educational. Klaus Teuber, the designer of the board game called Catan, always thought that games must be fun. Board games can be both and much more! They can be one of the best benefits of family vacations!

When the summer is at its peak forcing us to stay indoors, planning a relaxed family time where all play board games together tends to be magical.

From choosing popular games like Scrabble, Monopoly to numerous board games available online, playing games is fun and leads to making great memories. Make some snacks and drinks and enjoy playing and revelling together.

Summers are a time to get away, take a break from the mundane and indulge in activities of one’s choice. Children look forward to their summer vacations with excitement and a well-planned family vacation, whether outdoors or indoors can create a bagful of memories that are sure to last a lifetime!




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