Best Summer Movies To Watch With Kids & Families

Watch and learn: Kid friendly movies you can watch this summer

Summer time and watching movies go hand in hand. While travelling or taking up hobby classes need your time and energy, watching kid-friendly movies during the summer holidays are as easy as they are entertaining. Plus, if you find a movie or two with a moral lesson or a good social message, even better!

Every summer, the temperature keeps rising, beating the record of its older versions, making us humans worry like there’s no tomorrow. We sweat and hustle and feel like there is no way we can get much done. While that may be true, summers are also the time when we make the best memories – schools shut down and kids are home allowing us to travel, watch movies, experiment with food and even sleep longer than usual. Summers are in fact a great time to unwind with children and bond better with them through activities one can’t usually find the time for in other months.

While travelling or taking up hobby classes need your time and energy, watching kid-friendly movies during the summer holidays are as easy as they are entertaining. Plus, if you find a movie or two with a moral lesson or a good social message, even better!

Here we share some of our favourite summer movies for kids and their parents to binge on.

The Sound of Music (1965)

This classic is etched in movie history as one of the best cinema about family love of all times. A heartwarming story of how a governess tames and helps seven motherless children and their naval officer father to find love again was a hit when it released and continues to be so. A musical drama, the film boasts of some iconic songs like ‘Do re mi’ and ‘Edelweiss’. It also has a powerful message for cinema lovers who like intellectual stimulation, with some very poignant moments captured in global cinema.

What will endure your kids to this movie is the portrayal of the seven children as naughty but adorable little humans who find their way to happiness and loving from a crisis. No matter what part of the film appeals to them the most, they will surely be humming these classic tunes days after watching The Sound of Music.

The Lion King (1994)

The Lion King ticks all the boxes of being one of the best summer movies for kids for countless years now. Released in 1994, the animation film has everything kids love – a pride of lions, friendly animals and also some mean ones.

The world over, kids found their hero in little Simba, the lion cub who had to endure a massive sorrow and grow up to be the king of the jungle, fighting hyenas and an evil uncle all at once.

From its epic sceneries to entertaining dialogues, The Lion King continues to stay relatable and fun for families. No wonder it was also adapted as a live action film in 2019 and was every bit as enjoyable as its predecessor.

What is great about this story about the king of the jungle is that children can pick on several lessons from it – about the importance of family, friendship and being responsible in life.

I am Kalam (2011)

A simple story told powerfully, I am Kalam takes us on a journey of a child who is born poor but dreams big. He changes his name to Kalam after one of India’s greatest and most loved presidents and pursues a dream to meet him. The movie is light hearted and entertaining but comes with a big message – that of education and the great divide when it comes to the poor receiving it.

Kids will not just love the friendship between Kalam and a rich nobleman’s son but also learn the importance of getting a sound education. A perfect film to explain to children how education is a privilege and if one is fortunate to receive it, they must utilise it for the greater good.

Chupa (2023)

A kid in America unwillingly goes to meet his grandfather and cousins in a ranch in Mexico and finds a mythical creature called a Chupacabra hiding in the shed. Sounds interesting, right?

Chupa is an adventure where the cute but fiesty beast is hunted by a villainous scientist while the children and their grandpa try to save it. It counts as a great summer movie for kids as it also deals with issues like grief and death in a manner that is simple for them to understand.

A big plus in the film’s favour is that it is far removed from the typical American fare one watches onscreen; from the sky hues to the Spanglish spoken, the film is brilliantly Mexican in its essence and a great way to introduce your children to movies that represent different ethnicities. A Netflix release, Chupa is directed by Jonas Cuaron, son of the Oscar winning director Alfonso Cuaron and the brilliance in filmmaking shows in every frame.

Ice Age (2002-2022)

This series about an unlikely group of animal friends at the verge of extinction never gets old. Ice Age is an animation series of six films that deals with various aspects of extinction – from dinosaurs roaming the Earth to the ice melting and taking with it several known species of animals. It’s a wonderful summer movie meant for kids and parents alike.

One may think its animation but nothing about the stories told is immature; the adventures of Manny the mammoth, Sid the sloth and Diego the saber-toothed tiger along with the many friends they add along the way are all too real with dollops of humour. They deal with dangers of losing their habitat and ecosystem, escape the clutches of huge predators and even build a family at the backdrop of possible extinction. The movies show friendship, courage and importance of having a laugh beautifully, something all kids can learn.

Harry Potter (2001-2011)

That the story of ‘the boy who lived’ is a phenomenon across the globe is no secret. The Harry Potter books by author JK Rowling have mesmerised generations of readers for over two decades. But for those who are not big fans of reading but want to get on the joyride that is Harry Potter and Hogwarts, watching the films are a close second.

The movies adapted from the seven story books written by Rowling are as good as adventure thrillers get. The storylines cover almost everything – Harry, Ron and Hermione bounce from one mystery to the next, unveiling truths, teaching the mean ones a lesson, dealing with life’s curveballs, all while studying in a school of wizardry. Ofcourse, there are some very interesting teachers and a super villain to keep things thrilling. While older kids may understand the themes of the Harry potter films better, it still makes for a great watch for those who understand school fun with friends, games and magic.

Inside Out (2015)

A story about an eleven year old who has to shift cities because her parents decide to, Inside Out is a fantastic telling of how emotions make us who we are. Riley’s emotions, namely joy, sadness, fear, anger and disgust, become too powerful due to the huge change in her life and come out and tussle with each other. It’s an animation film that won hearts with its simple story that explained such a complex subject as emotions and wellbeing.

This Disney Pixar film also shows the tribulations of parents as they tread a careful path of hearing their children out while also trying to do what’s best for the family. A perfect summer movie to watch and reflect on.

Avatar (2009)

A classic tale of man versus nature or good versus evil, Avatar by one of Hollywood’s best known directors James Cameron is a great fit for all ages. Certainly the perfect summer movie, Avatar tells the tale of Jake Sully, a soldier who goes to invade Pandora, a mythical land of endless natural resources, only to realise his mistake. Instead of being an invader, he chooses to join forces with Pandora’s people against villanous humans making the plot very exciting. The film saw tremendous success when it was released in 2009 and continues to find fresh audience in the younger generation today because of its surreal appeal. Blue coloured creatures who are gentle yet powerful, what’s not to love?

A superb slice of cinema to show kids and make them understand the sacred place that nature has in the realm of living beings; Avatar is a must watch, definitely the kind of film you can enjoy with your young ones.

Mr India (1987)

An all time great Indian Hindi film, Shekhar Kapur’s Mr India is known for its unique story and lovely characters. Falling in the category of sci-fi which is rarely seen in Bollywood films, Mr India is about a big hearted man who uses his scientist father’s invisibility device to fight gangsters who mess with him.

What’s even more interesting about the story is that like The Sound of Music, the protagonist takes care of several orphans in his house, making the film playful, vibrant and very entertaining.

Anil Kapoor and Sridevi deliver a masterclass in comedy in this kid-friendly movie that is sure to make your children giggle. The film speaks of kindness shown to orphans, humor in difficult times and strength in unity, perfect lessons for kids to learn this summer.




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