Unlocking Happiness: 7 Habits of Joyful Individuals

What are they doing differently? 7 habits of happy people we can imbibe

International Day of Happiness is dedicated to promoting happiness and wellbeing. It teaches us the importance of happiness and encourages us to prioritise it. It serves as a platform for spreading joy.

In life, we have all met people who radiate happiness despite facing challenges. These individuals may be dealing with hard times, yet they seem to go through them with a smile. Their positivity inspires us and makes us want to seek joy and calm in our own lives. International Day of Happiness is celebrated on the 20th of March and is dedicated to promoting happiness and wellbeing of humans and all living beings. It reminds us of the importance of happiness and encourages us to prioritise it. It serves as a platform for spreading joy and advocating for policies that promote happiness.

On this happy day, let us delve into a few habits of happy people and learn how to cultivate a fulfilling and joyful life for ourselves.

Be grateful for what you have

Most of us go through our days often wishing for things we don’t have. When we see someone driving an expensive car, we wish to own it instead of having to take the bus to work. But happy people are different. They take a moment to appreciate the small blessings in their life and cultivate a mindset of abundance and contentment.

Instead of getting caught up in what we lack, we too must learn to practice gratitude. Whether it is through journalling or simply remembering the positives of the day, small actions like these can enhance our overall wellbeing and happiness.

 Invest in positive relationships

We all know what it’s like to be surrounded by toxic people who seem to drain the life out of us, leaving us feeling miserable. But it is important to remember here that meaningful connections with people who matter can make all the difference. Happy people understand this and that is why they invest their time and effort in nurturing positive relationships with their family members, friends and people in their community.

Indeed, building strong human ties provides a sense of belonging and contributes to our happiness in the long run.

Find purpose and meaning

Going through life without any real purpose can be damaging to our emotional health. Many of us fall into this routine of just going to work, coming home and zoning out in front of the TV or scrolling through social media. Having purpose and meaning in life is crucial for our happiness. Happy people understand this and that is why they engage in activities that add meaning and purpose to their lives.

By pursuing meaningful goals like aiming for bigger roles at work, travelling to many countries or building one’s own family, we too can achieve fulfilment, joy and satisfaction.

Prioritise self-care

When was the last time you dedicated time to do something you enjoy? It is important to note that happy people make self-care a priority. They’re all about nurturing their physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. This may include regular exercise, meditation or simply engaging in activities that bring joy and relaxation like drawing, journalling or taking long walks.

By investing in self-care, we too can reduce our stress and cultivate a positive outlook in life.

Embrace resilience

Many of us face tough times in life. We get knocked down and humiliated, but instead of getting back up, many of us sulk and consider it our fate. We dwell on unpleasant events for months, even years, living with the feeling of victimhood. But happy people have a different approach—resilience is a trait of happy people. Resilience is all about the ability to bounce back from challenges. Rather than looking at setbacks as obstacles, happy people see them as opportunities for growth and learning.

By embracing resilience, we too can navigate life’s lows with grace and lead a much happier life.

Live in the present

Living in the present moment refers to giving your full attention to the current experience without dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. Happy individuals are aware of their surroundings and are deeply engaged in whatever they are doing. By focussing on the present moment, they appreciate life’s simple pleasures. This practice allows them to enjoy every moment and find joy in everyday experiences. It helps reduce stress and anxiety and promotes peace and joy.

Practice mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness involves paying attention to the present moment with openness. It is about observing our thoughts and emotions without judgment. Happy individuals often incorporate mindfulness techniques such as meditation and deep breathing into their routines. This helps them have a deeper connection with themselves and others. Over time, practicing mindfulness enhances wellbeing and offers inner peace and happiness too.

Incorporating the habits of happy people into our own lives can in turn have a positive impact on our overall happiness and wellbeing. By embracing gratitude, pursuing purpose and prioritising self-care, we can unlock the secret to a fulfilling life. On this International Happiness Day, let us embark on this coveted journey and welcome happiness into our lives. As Leo Tolstoy once stated, “If you want to be happy, be.”


What are some common habits of happy people?

Happy people often prioritise gratitude, cultivate positive relationships, pursue meaningful goals and prioritise self-care.

How does practicing gratitude contribute to our happiness?

Practicing gratitude helps shift focus from what we lack in life to what we have. It improves wellbeing by promoting positive emotions.

How does pursuing purpose contribute to a fulfilling life?

Pursuing purpose gives our life meaning and direction. It makes us feel content and happy in what we do and where we stand.

How can resilience impact happiness?

Resilience helps individuals bounce back from setbacks better. Embracing resilience promotes emotional wellbeing and leads to happiness.




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