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The final exam

He had hit the age barrier for the prestigious government exam and this was his final attempt. He had seen all his college friends succeed–get promotions, buy cars and houses. All this while he stayed home, preparing for the exam and failing five times in five years.

Years of unemployment had burned out his savings. His family had gone from encouragement to sympathy, and eventually to disdain, leaving him to fend for himself.

The interview for the exam was later today and it was already 2 am. If he didn’t clear this, he would not get a job after a five-year gap. This was his last chance. He was petrified.

He shot out of bed when the alarm blared. Taking a deep breath, he calmed himself and smiled wistfully at the recurrent dream he’d been having for 40 years since that day.

So many years had passed but it felt like yesterday. He had been kicked out of the interview for being late. On the way back home, he had met the love of his life in a local bus. Together they had built a food delivery business from scratch. He was worth billions today.



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