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Succumb not to imitation

Be creative! Be not imitative! A new creation is the call of the spirit of the future. A new creation—not imitation!

Shakti is creative. Imitation is weakness. If you are to go forward, release the creative shakti within you.

There is a little story of a man who, having seen a smith plunge red hot iron to cool it, applied the same treatment to himself. He suffered from fever, one day, and he plunged himself into a pool of the cool water! He died! So, we have the saying: “Fools kill themselves with analogies!”

There is abroad, today, a cult of pride and comfort, a cult of decadence. To its attractions succumb, today, so many of the youths of India. They need a message of the simple life. For in simplicity is strength as in imitation is weakness. And simplicity flowers into sacrifice.

India has a genius, an individuality, a soul of her own. To that must she be true if she would re-arise and go again upon her great mission to humanity.

Not imitation but creative renovation—is the task to which the youth of India are called.


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