Short Story on - Father and Son Bonding | The Tale of Two Generations

Ties that bind: A father-son bonding experience

Devesh never understood how to converse with his father. But his father went out of his way to fulfil his life long dream. The father and son bonding shone bright.

As if on cue, the scooter horn honked just at the turn around the house. Devesh’s father rode back from office at 6 pm sharp each day. All those at home, slipped into an order whenever it was time for him to head back home. A glass of water would be served to him as soon as he entered the house. After freshening up, he would sit and do riyaaz over the harmonium. Dinner would be served at sharp 8 pm. After a stroll in the front garden, he’d go to bed and then rise early in the morning to go for his long walk without fail, be it a breezy summer or a biting winter. His father wanted discipline in the house but it didn’t necessarily mean he was strict; but the son never managed to pour his heart out to his father.

His father was, in fact, rather caring, affectionate and a man of several talents. But it was his discipline that took the limelight over it all. In fact, the only conversation they had during the day was when they read the newspapers together everyday. Devesh and his father discussed current affairs, topics of political interest and a healthy debate ensued often. But that was it.

Devesh, an intelligent student and a keen debater, was a complete extrovert outside the boundaries of his home. Always participating in and winning quizzes, he had many peers in college and some even dropped by at his house regularly.

“Devesh, what are your plans after graduation?” asked one of his friends while they sipped tea in his room one evening.

“I want to do my master’s in political science,” he said with confidence.

Indeed, college was soon getting over and Devesh had set his eyes on one of the top universities for his master’s degree. However, just like any other youngster, at times confusion and doubt hovered over him. He really wanted to talk to his father about this but something or the other kept stopping him from doing so.

A few days later, at the customary morning newspaper reading session, the father noticed his son sitting with a forlorn face. Later, as he sat for breakfast, he saw Devesh had not joined him.

“Where is Devesh?” he asked.

“Probably in his room,” answered his wife and hurried into the kitchen to pack tiffin. His absence concerned the father. He got up and walked to his room.

“Devesh, can we talk?” his father asked as he entered his room. Devesh got up from his bed. His face lit up.

“What is troubling you, my boy?”

“Papa…umm..I am becoming a little indecisive. I wanted to pursue master’s at this great university. But that would mean moving away to another city. Also, more expenses,” he blurted before he knew it. He couldn’t fathom where he got this courage to speak from.

“Hmm..We will talk about this in the evening,” Devesh’s father said and left the room to get ready for office, leaving the boy confused.

In the evening, his father came home and handed him a form. “Fill it up, son. You should submit it quickly to avoid any delay. Just follow your heart and choose the course which interests you the most,” he said with a smile.

Devesh instantly felt a huge burden lifting off his chest. “But it’s a costly…

“It is not bigger than your dreams. You don’t know this but I have regularly set aside some funds for my intelligent kid. Now we get to use it,” his father said.

Devesh was ecstatic and speechless. He jumped with joy and dived to touch his father’s feet, who lifted him and hugged him instead.

“Now give your best to this. I want to see you emerge with flying colours,” he said.

Their home may have not seen a lot of father son bonding but when the time arose, both father and son showed how true their beautiful bond was.




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