Life goes on

Life goes on

His death had left a void in her. In that moment of loss and grief, she had decided this was it for her.

She sat alone in the balcony staring at the newlyweds chatting in their new apartment that resembled a matchbox, adjacent to her palatial bungalow near the park.

A pang of grief struck her as she remembered her husband, who was now only a memory.

A couple walking hand-in-hand in the park caught her attention and something inside her churned. She longed for him. Not just in her memories but for real. She was soon jolted back to reality with her own sob that echoed in the empty house.

His death, two years ago, had left a void in her. She remembered locking herself in her room, refusing to meet anyone. In that moment of loss and grief, she had decided this was it for her. Nobody could take his place.

Two years had passed since, but her eyes still welled up whenever she recalled that ill-fated day. It was a beautiful day, they had woken up together and gone about their household chores together. The love they had for each other spoke volumes even in silence. The secret admiration and the meeting of the eyes needed no words to express the camaraderie they shared. All of it ended in that one-minute call from office that left her alone and feeling lonely. She wanted to end her life, but held herself back for the sake of her toddler.

She ran down the stairs to see what was happening. Her daughter was missing. She cursed herself for being lost in her thoughts. Hurriedly, she ran to her room, the kitchen, the store room, the play area and the backyard, but she was nowhere to be found. Did she lose her too?

She turned around to a bout of childish giggle and saw her childhood friend entering with her daughter in his arms. The summer sun seemed brighter today.


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