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Little Things That Matter

Little things that matter

“Finally!” yelled Karan after reading the appointment letter. He was ecstatic! After a long, difficult year, which had almost killed his confidence, he had finally landed a job. Although it was in a different city, he saw it as an opportunity for him to get his life back on track.

His younger brother Samar was excited too. After all, his arch-nemesis was leaving. Now, he could finally lay claim to his brother’s room, which he wanted since forever.

On the day Karan was leaving, Samar expected a last-minute scoff from his brother for taking his room. But to his surprise, Karan was smiling. “This is yours now. Look after the room well, as well as yourself,” he said before picking up his bags and walking away.

What was all that about? Samar wondered. It was Karan’s abode. He seldom allowed anyone to enter, let alone his younger brother. Samar never imagined his brother would leave without saying a word. But he did, and that’s all that mattered to him.

At first, Samar had the time of his life. But soon, his brother’s absence began to affect him. The sofa, the walls, the windows, everything in the room reminded him of Karan.

Time flew by quickly, and the day arrived for Karan to come home for the holidays. When he reached, he went straight to his old room to find his brother. But Samar wasn’t there. Moreover, the room was the same as he had left it.

Finding his younger brother sitting in his own room, he hugged him and said, “I missed you too!”


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