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Pakhi had sealed all her emotions and thoughts in her journal.

The secret journal

Pakhi always wanted to be a news anchor. However, her father decided to get her married at a young age of 21, putting a halt on her ambitions.

As time passed, she sealed all her emotions and thoughts in her personal journal. Even years after being married, there were times when she would open her journal and sit with it for hours on end. She felt the same passion that she once had for her dreams. The passion that faded with time.

Pakhi had hidden the journal in a small box and stashed it away. She had accepted her fate as ‘Mrs Sudhir Sharma’ and nothing more.

One day, Sunita, her mother-in-law discovered this box, and along with it the secret journal. She knew she wasn’t supposed to read it, but her curiosity got the better of her. She flipped through it as quickly as she could before Pakhi would catch her reading it. Sunita closed the journal, placing it back just the way it was and walked out of the house in a hurry.

Hours later, Pakhi saw Sunita walk back into the house with a stack of papers. What’s that? She wondered.

Sunita handed the papers to Pakhi with an ear-to-ear smile. “Here, these are admission forms for your master’s degree in Media and communication. Go fill these out, will you?”

“I wish you’d shared about the journal with me earlier. You wouldn’t have lost five precious years. We are friends, we are women, before being in-laws. To me, your aspirations are as important as my son’s,” said Sunita with moist eyes and a gentle smile.

As Sunita turned to walk away, Pakhi embraced her with the warmest, longest hug. “Thank you, Ma,” her voice was teary but heart happy. She was going to be more than ‘Mrs Sudhir Sharma’.

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