How to Make a Long Distance Relationship work

Where the sea and mountain met

Dhruv and Tara's long-distance relationship is a testament that miles are no match for true love's strength.

Opposites attract, it’s a known fact. And it was very true in the case of Dhruv and Tara. Dhruv was a free-spirited artist who found inspiration in the salty breeze and the sound of crashing waves by the beach. On the other hand, Tara was a nature enthusiast who drew inspiration from the serene mountains, where towering peaks touched the sky. Even with such differences, fate brought them together at a photography workshop and love bloomed.

But their love story soon faced the ultimate test— that of a long-distance relationship.

Separated by miles but determined as lovers, Dhruv and Tara embarked on a journey that required unwavering commitment and boundless faith. Though physically apart, their hearts remained intertwined. They tried everything; technology became their lifeline as they spent hours on video calls, sharing their passions, fears and aspirations. Dhruv would paint vibrant seascapes, capturing the beauty of the ocean’s vastness, while Tara would hike through rugged trails, capturing the breathtaking beauty of the mountains with her camera lens. They would exchange their artistic creations, allowing their worlds to merge briefly.

But there were moments when their yearning became almost unbearable. Tears accompanied words during video calls and one tried to stay tough for the other. In those moments, they found comfort in knowing that their love was stronger than the physical distance separating them. They sought solace in the beauty of nature and in the belief that they were sharing the same sun, moon and stars, no matter how far apart they were.

Fortunately, distance couldn’t mar their yearning or creativity. The very poetic Dhruv would send small bottles filled with sand from the beach while a die-hard romantic, Tara would send delicate mountain wildflowers carefully pressed between the pages of a journal. These precious tokens helped to bridge the gap between their worlds. And even with the miles between them, their love grew deeper with each passing day.

Dhruv and Tara celebrated each milestone, no matter how small, as they knew that every step forward was a victory against the odds of their separation. Their friends bowed down to their dedication towards their love, unseen in these modern times.

And then, one fateful day, the stars aligned. Dhruv and Tara found themselves standing on a beach at the foot of a majestic mountain, the place where the ocean met the land. After all, they knew the place they chose for their union had to be special. The two lovers embraced, their hearts filled with overwhelming joy and gratitude. The ocean and the mountain witnessed their union and for a moment, it seemed as if nature itself was celebrating their love transcending the barriers of distance.




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