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Infinite potential of the mind: Intuitive and practical mind


The topic for today’s talk is–well, I would like to call it–’Tapping the infinite potential in the human being.’

We could simply say ‘Infinite Potential’ too, it doesn’t matter what it is. The subject matter is, how to tap the potential capacities in the individual, which are normally not even suspected of being there in the first place.

I meet a lot of young people who come to me to listen about Vedanta and, sometimes, to discuss Sufi teachings. I also have good Christian friends who like to discuss religious matters with me. You must have heard my talk on Kabbalah. So when they come–especially the young–I find that they come with a very limited mindset.

Which means, they are in their own world. In their particular world and experts in their own subject. Specialists, one would say or rather beginning to become specialists. This is not so bad as a fossilised specialist.

Beginning to become specialised is good enough, because you can still see that the mind is open and ready to learn.

But what I was saying is, usually many of them or let’s say many of us, do not know or do not even have an inkling of the great potential that is stored inside our mind. Well, if you want to call it the brain, it doesn’t matter because they are just two terms–mind, brain.

The human being normally uses a very small part of his brain for day-to-day activities and even that part is good enough for us to sail through life.

It is a known fact–and it has been discussed by neurologists especially in the recent times–that the human being normally uses a very small part of his brain for day-to-day activities and even that part is good enough for us to sail through life. But, there are many parts of the brain that have not been tapped.

This also happens because, now it is a well-known fact that there is a left-brain and a right-brain, having basically two different functions. There is the left-brain, which is a very practical brain that does day-to-day activity–arithmetic, calculations, business, survival, how much to eat, what to do–basically it’s the survival brain and the practical brain. This is the left side.

The right side is the intuitive brain that goes into understanding things, which are a little above ordinary logic and ordinary reasoning–the intuitive mind. It is the right lobe that is active when one is involved, for instance, in creative activity like listening to music, doing meditation, or involved in art, creative art.

So, usually in most humans, it’s the left practical brain that is used.

In some instances, the right creative, intuitive brain takes over for a few minutes or for a short time and then, it’s back to the practical left lobe because once the creative input comes in, the brain would like to see it in action or the results have to be found and that requires practical work. So, the practical brain kicks in.

Unfortunately, the intuitive part of the mind is usually neglected.

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