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Make your life anew

We have passed through many lives. We have accumulated the vasanas of evil thoughts, words, and deeds. We are imprisoned by the karmic bonds of our previous births, so much so that they have become the shackles of our present existence. We carry the yoke of negative karmas and we long to break free, like the pathetic fish caught in the snare of the trawler.

Don’t let anyone tell you that escape from the snare is impossible. You can make your life anew. For man is not a creature of his destiny. He is the creator of his destiny. If you wish to create your own destiny, you must be free of the burden of your past; you must erase the past through sadhana, through the realisation of your true self. You must create a new space within, sow new thoughts of true liberation and freedom thereon.

You must learn to meditate; you must go into silence; you must chant the name of God within your heart. This will help you tap the latent power within you, it will open the reservoir of shakti that is deep inside your spirit. Once you experience this power, a new serenity, a vital energy will flow into your life. You will find this experience so uplifting, that you will overcome all the limitations of your physical existence, and rise above the restrictions of your external environment.

Let me repeat, you are not the pathetic weakling you take yourself to be. You are a spark of the Supreme Self. You are a child of God. His power and energy are yours. And you can harness this tremendous spiritual energy through sadhana.


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